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New On Blu: Cannon Fodder

New this week from Screen Media is Cannon Fodder, a 2014 zombie film from Israel, written and directed by Eitan Gafny, and starring Liron Levo and Emos Ayeno.

"Doron Geva, a security operative, is sent into Lebanon to capture the leader of the terrorist organization of Hezbollah. Very soon he discovers that there is a new and unknown enemy is to be dealt with. Doron has to deal with an impending I.D.F attack and a bloodthirsty enemy. It’s up to him to wage a new war, to find an antidote, get back across the border, before the Middle East conflict is changed forever."

Cannon Fodder is available now on Blu-ray.

New On DVD: Lust of the Dead 4

New this week from Tokyo Shock is Lust of the Dead 4, directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu, and starring Yui Aikawa, Asami, and Megu Fujiura.

"In a chaotic post-apocalyptic world, men are turning into sex-crazed zombies when exposed to a mysterious virus. The only hope for the future is for a group
of survivors to travel to the past and prevent the initial outbreak. But can they discover the source of the virus and destroy it in time?"

Lust of the Dead 4 is available now on DVD.

New On DVD: Zombies From Outer Space

New this week from Olive Films is Zombies From Outer Space, a German film from 2012 directed by Martin Faltermeier and starring Judith Gorgass, Siegfried Foster, and Florian Kiml.

"Rural Bavaria. The late 1950′s. Something very strange is taking place.

When Maria (Judith Gorgrass) happens upon the dead body of a woman little does she realize the terror that will be unleashed in Zombies From Outer Space. Noted scientist Dr. Robert Hoelzlein (Florian Kiml) and American Army Captain John Welles (Siegfried Foster), both brought into investigate the crime, soon butt heads over the case and their mutual attraction to Maria.

Romance takes a back seat when more bodies are discovered. Who or what has caused these mysterious deaths?"

Zombies From Outer Space is available now on DVD.

New On DVD: REC 4: Apocalypse

New this week from Sony Pictures is REC 4: Apocalypse, directed by Jaume Balaguero, and starring Manuela Velasco, Paco Manzanedo, and Hector Colome.

"The apocalypse has begun as the quarantined virus takes on an even more deadly form setting the scenes for horrors we could only have imagined."

REC 4: Apocalypse is available now on DVD.

New On DVD: Ebola Zombies

New this week from Wild Eye Releasing is Ebola Zombies, written and directed by Samuel Leong, and starring Anna Chan, Jack Chan, and Cash Lee.

"The Raid meets Dawn of the Dead - when a group of thieves break into an industrial complex to pull off a jewelry heist, but stumble upon a hidden laboratory where unorthodox SARS and Ebola experiments are taking place on stolen cadavers, who soon mutate into blood-thirsty zombies. Now, the thieves must punch, kick and shoot their way to freedom from the police and the growing army of the undead."

Ebola Zombies is available now on DVD.

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