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Sears - Where Fashionable Zombies Shop



Zombies are heading back to the mall and this time they are being more than welcomed at Sears.  Pulling out all the stops for Halloween, Sears has done an impressive holiday site re-design to cater to their living dead customers.

From fashion that will you "Revive Your Style" to jewelry that will help you "Accessorize Like The Living" to Kenmore washing machines that will make those "Brain Stains Be Gone", Sears is going all out to make sure the undead gets their insatiable needs met.

PhotobucketNot sure what to buy?  Your can try out their Zombie Gift Guide or let the Blue Zombie Crew help you find exactly what you need.  If English just isn't cutting it for your rotting brain, you can switch the site over to Zombian so it speaks your language. And you can even create your own undead buddy with the Zombie Friend Maker.

They've also thrown together a few videos for their special YouTube channel.


Check out the Sears site and follow their @ZombieShopper on Twitter for some surreal retail therapy 

Well done Sears, you managed to make Halloween even more fun than it already is.

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