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New In Comics: Rot & Ruin: Warrior Smart

New this week from IDW Publishing is Rot & Ruin: Warrior Smart.

"Written by by New York Times best-selling author and multiple Bram Stoker award-winner Jonathan Maberry, with art by Tony Vargas, this all-new storyline continues events from the award-winning series of novels. We meet Benny, Nix, Lilah, and Chong as they travel through the Sierra Nevada mountains just one faltering step ahead of zombie hordes and one giant leap behind the plane flying through the sky that sent them on their journey of discovery."

Rot & Ruin: Warrior Smart is available in comic shops now (and from Amazon on May 5th) in a trade paperback edition.

New In Comics: Zombies Vs Robots #4

New this week from IDW Publishing is Zombies vs Robots #4.

"Astronauts on a dead Earth crawling with strange threats like oddly sentient zombies, robots and… Mermen! And more with The Orphan!"

Zombies vs Robots #4 was written by Chris Ryall and Steve Niles, and illustrated by Anthony Diecidue and Val Mayerick, with a cover by Ashley Wood, and a subscription variant cover by James Stokoe.

Subscription cover:

New In Comics: Zombie Tramp #10

New this week from Action Lab Comics is Zombie Tramp #10.

"Zombie Tramp faces a new monster of her own creation, when a Detroit meth maker cooks up a batch of her undead bath salts! Meanwhile it’s chaos in the streets as the new drug has users turning into tweaker zombies! Plus Motor City’s own resident bad girl, Vampblade, cuts in on the action!"

Zombie Tramp #10 was written by Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin, and illustrated by TMChu, with a cover by TMChu, a variant cover by Dan Mendoza, and a risqué variant cover by TMChu.

Variant cover:

Risqué variant cover:

New On DVD: The Walking Deceased

New this week from Arc Entertainment is The Walking Deceased, directed by Scott Dow, and starring Tim Ogletree, Joey Oglesby, Dave Sheridan, Troy Ogletree, Sophia Taylor Ali, and Danielle Garcia.

"The Walking Deceased is a delightfully blood addition to the pantheon of zombie-apocalypse spoofs, lampooning every tried and true zombie meme. Join the Sheriff with his son, and a motley crew of survivors, as they weather confrontations with zombies, meet up and then leave their tattered camp-a partially destroyed shopping mall. The group journeys to the supposed Safe Haven Ranch seeking shelter from the owners, a fascinating and diabolical older couple. Along for the ride with the still-human survivors is a lone zombie who begin to see and develop his human side when he hooks up with the brash female lead. The unexpected twists and turns and will delight those who enjoy over-the-top blood spattering, while horror move buffs will appreciate the George Romeroesque touches."

The Walking Deceased is available now on DVD.

New In Comics: '68: Bad Sign

New this week as a one-shot from Image Comics is '68: Bad Sign.

"In December of 1968, a violent, random serial killer launched a spree of terror on the San Francisco area. On February 13th...the living dead rose and turned the entire world into a slaughterhouse. Now, hidden away in a derelict warehouse deep in the butchertown district, a human monster continues his bloody work, taunting the few remaining cops and hunting humans without fear in a city of the damned."

'68: Bad Sign was written by Mark Kidwell, illustrated by Richard Bonk and Jay Fotos, with a cover by Nat Jones, Kyle Charles, and Jay Fotos, and a variant cover by Richard Bonk and Jay Fotos.

Variant cover:

New In Books: The Cinema of George A. Romero: Knight of the Living Dead

New this week from Wallflower Press is The Cinema of George A. Romero: Knight of the Living Dead by Tony Williams.

"In placing Romero's oeuvre in the context of literary naturalism, the book explores the relevance of the director's films within American cultural traditions and thus explains the potency of such work beyond 'splatter movie' models. The author explores the roots of naturalism in the work of Emile Zola and traces this through to the EC Comics of the 1950s and on to the work of Stephen King. In so doing, the book illuminates the importance of seminal Romero texts such as Night of the Living Dead (1968), Creepshow (1982), Monkey Shines (1988), The Dark Half (1992). This study also includes full coverage of Romero's latest feature, Bruiser (2000), as well as his screenplays and teleplays."

The Cinema of George A. Romero: Knight of the Living Dead is available now in paperbackhardcover and Kindle editions.

New In Comics: Reanimator #1

New this week from Dynamite Entertainment is Reanimator #1.

"Dr. Herbert West, The Reanimator, returns! Setting up shop in New Orleans, the brilliant Dr. West continues his life's work: the revival of the dead by purely chemical means. To accomplish this task, he recruits Susan Greene, a young and wide-eyed pharmacologist fascinated by his macabre experiments. Initially unfazed by West's unorthodox practices (including how he funds his research - by selling zombie brain fluid as a narcotic), Susan may regret her scientific curiosity as sinister forces - those aligned with Elder Gods and Haitian Voodoo - begin to align against the Reanimator!

Dynamite Entertainment proudly resurrects The Reanimator, H.P Lovecraft's notorious mad scientist, in a fear-fraught four-issue miniseries! Take what you love best about the television shows "Breaking Bad" and "Walking Dead", throw in Cthulhu tentacle terror and backwater Louisianan superstition, and you have the all-new horror comic hit of 2015!"

Reanimator #1 was written by Keith Davidsen, illustrated by Randy Valiente, and features covers by Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Seeley, Andrew Magnum, and Randy Valiente.

Cover A by Jae Lee:

Cover B by Francesco Francavilla:

Cover C by Tim Seeley:

Cover D by Andrew Mangum:

Box of Dread exclusive cover by Randy Valiente:

2nd & Charles exclusive cover:

New In Comics: The Walking Dead #140

New this week from Image Comics is The Walking Dead #140.

"Life and Death."

The Walking Dead #140 was written by Robert Kirkman, illustrated by Charlie Adlard, Stefano Guadiano, and Cliff Rathburn, and features a cover by Charlie Adlard and Dave Stewart.

New On DVD: REC 4: Apocalypse

New this week from Sony Pictures is REC 4: Apocalypse, directed by Jaume Balaguero, and starring Manuela Velasco, Paco Manzanedo, and Hector Colome.

"The apocalypse has begun as the quarantined virus takes on an even more deadly form setting the scenes for horrors we could only have imagined."

REC 4: Apocalypse is available now on DVD.

Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update Takes on The Walking Dead

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live featured a Weekend Update segment spotlighting the season finale of The Walking Dead (including a special appearance by Norman Reedus).

Thinking that it's about time that the cast of The Walking Dead got a chance to host Saturday Night Live.

Tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse: Kevin and Matt Geek Out About Zombies

Tonight, the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers, NY presents Kevin and Matt Geek Out About Zombies featuring comedy Kevin Maher and filmmaker Matt Glasson (Love Stalker) and special guests Brian Solomon (The Vault of horror) and Captain Cruella (Village Invasion Zombie Crawl).

The show is billed as "an obsessive look at zombies, from WHITE ZOMBIE to WORLD WAR Z. The hosts explore pre-Romero voodoo zombies, Night of the Living Dead rip-offs, the recurring theme of Nazi Zombies in film, and the recent run of zombies overtaking pop culture."

The Alamo Drafthouse is located at 2548 Central Park Avenue in Yonkers, NY. Tickets are available on their website and at their box office.

Get a Free Copy of SCREAM Magazine

SCREAM is giving away a free digital copy of their magazine to everyone who asks them for a copy on their Facebook page

This offer is only good for 72 hours from when they first announced it... and most of that time is up already, so act fast and get your request in. Like their Facebook page, message them a request for the free issue with your email address, and then enjoy reading it.

Here are a few screen grabs from the free issue:

New In Comics: True Believers: Marvel Zombies #1

New this week from Marvel is True Believers: Marvel Zombies #1, a special edition reprint of that title that is priced at just one dollar.

"What can you get for a dollar? How about the Marvel Universe? Marvel is proud to present TRUE BELIEVERS – special introductory comics for the low price of only $1 each. Coming this April your window into the biggest stories in Marvel history costs only a buck! Enter the world of Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Old Man Logan, Planet Hulk, the critically-acclaimed ICON series Powers and many more with the first chapters of these top-selling, critically-acclaimed collections. Just in time for Secret Wars (maybe you’ve heard of it? Secret Wars – the biggest Marvel event ever!), catch up on some of the most celebrated stories in Marvel histories before their appearance in the biggest comic event of 2015!"

True Believers: Marvel Zombies #1 was written by Robert Kirkman, illustrated by Sean Phillips, and colored by June Chung, with a cover by Arthur Suydam and Randy Gentile.

New In Comics: George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Three #1

New this week from Marvel Comics is George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Three #1.


Zombie Autopsy! But is Xavier dead or undead? Dr. Penny Jones may have a nasty surprise coming her way! Who is kidnapping the children of NYC, where are they taking them, and why? The future of Manhattan may rest in the answers!"

George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Three #1 was written by George Romero, illustrated by Andrea Mutti, colored by Rain Beredo, lettered by Cory Petit, and features a cover by Francesco Mettina, and a variant cover by Phil Noto.

Variant cover:

New In Comics: Return of the Living Deadpool #3

New this week from Marvel Comics is Return of the Living Deadpool #3.

"A planet overrun by Deadpools what could the danger be? Tummy sore from laughing? Overdose of awesomesauce? Could it be you can have too much of a good thing???"

Return of the Living Deadpool #3 was written by Cullen Bunn, and illustrated by Nicole Virella, with a cover by Jay Shaw.

New On DVD: The Lucio Fulci Collection

New this week from Blue Underground is The Lucio Fulci Collection, a three movie set featuring Fulci's zombie gore fest City of the Living Dead, along with The House by the Cemetery, and The New York Ripper.

In City of the Living Dead:

"The Seven Gates Of Hell have been torn open, and in three days the dead shall rise and walk the earth. As a reporter and a psychic race to close the portals of the damned, they encounter a seething nightmare of unspeakable evil. The city is alive - with the horrors of the living dead!"

Extras for City of the Living Dead include:

The Making of CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD featuring interviews with star Catriona MacColl, co-star Michele Soavi, production designer Massimo Antonello Geleng, assistant makeup effects artist Rosario Prestopino, special effects artist Gino De Rossi, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, and camera operator Roberto Forges Davanzati.

Acting Among the Living Dead featuring an Interview with Star Catriona MacColl.

Entering the Gates of Hell featuring an Interview with Star Giovanni Lombardo Radice.

Memories of the Maestro in which the cast and crew reminisce about working with Lucio Fulci.

Marketing of the Living Dead featuring a poster and still gallery.

English Trailer

Italian Trailer

Radio spots

Still gallery

The Lucio Fulci Collection is available now on Blu-ray.

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