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New In Comics: Zombies vs Robots #2

New this week from IDW Publishing is Zombies vs Robots #2.

"“Inherit the Earth!,” part 2! Even on a dead, nuked Earth, the zombies remain. But how? And both the dead and some of the bots seem to have gained sentience? But why? Also: new humans join the fight? But who? Some answers and more questions are presented here! And in “The Orphan,” part 2, a new friendship is threatened by, of course, hordes of zombies and one very disturbed robot."

Zombies vs Robots #2 was written by Chris Ryall, Steve Niles, and Ashley Wood, and illustrated by Anthony Diecidue, Val Mayerick, and Ashley Wood, with coloring by Jay Fotos, lettering by Shawn Lee, a cover by Ashley Wood, and a subscription variant cover by James Stokoe.

Subscription variant cover:

New In Comics: Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie #7

New this week from DC Comics is Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie #7.

"G.I. Zombie and Carmen find themselves up against the biggest terrorist threat ever, and it’s in the heart of our country. Can two stand a chance against thousands, or is all lost as the United States of Apocalypse begins?"

Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie #7 was written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, illustrated and colored by Scott Hampton, lettered by Rob Leigh, and features a cover by Dave Johnson.

New In Comics: Zombie Tramp #8

New this week from Action Lab Comics is Zombie Tramp #8.

"Janey’s prize possession, her copy of the Necronomicon that helps her blend in and survive as an undead zombie tramp amongst the living, has gone missing. Now can she retrieve the book even though its new owner stirs long lost feelings as well? It’s Valentine’s Day Zombie Tramp style! Also look for the first appearance of an all new character soon to have her own series!"

Zombie Tramp #8 was written by Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin, and illustrated by Winston Young, with a cover, variant, and Risqué variant cover by Dan Mendoza, and a Valentine's Day variant cover by Andrew Pepoy.

Variant cover:

Risqué variant:

Valentine's Day variant:

New On DVD: Zombieworld

New this week from Image Entertainment is Dread Central's zombie anthology film Zombieworld, with segments directed by Jesse Baget, Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, Luke Guidici, Phil Haine, Peter Horn, Jared Marshall, Cameron McCulloch, David Muñoz, Adam O'Brien, Zachary Ramelan, Paul Shrimpton, Vedran Marjanovic Wekster, and Tommy Woodard.

"There is nowhere to hide…nowhere to run…the Zombie Apocalypse has come, and our world now belongs to the dead! From Ireland, Canada, Australia, Europe and all over the U.S., the bone-chilling news reports tell the same gruesome tale – walking corpses terrorize and devour the living. Only a few desperate humans find the courage to stand and fight for their last chance at survival. But the hordes of undead keep coming, and there’s only one thing on the menu – us."

Zombieworld is available now on DVD.

Gale Anne Hurd On The Walking Dead And More

The Walking Dead's Executive Producer, Gale Anne Hurd, was interviewed at Loyola Marymount University's School of Film & Television as part of their Hollywood Masters series and spoke about the show and its upcoming spinoff series.

The Hollywood Reporter printed a full transcript of Hurd's entire interview here: 'Walking Dead' Producer Talks Spinoff, "Guns on the Street" and Killing Off Characters (Q&A)

New In Comics: Zombies vs Robots: Warbook Omnibus

New this month from IDW Publishing is Zombies vs Robots: Warlock Omnibus, written by Chris Ryall, Ashley Wood, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Mark Torres, Paul McCaffrey, and Menton3.

"Zombies! Robots! War! Throw in some Amazons and you’ve got everything you need to know! Collects all of the series by co-creators Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood plus Aventure and Undercity. Also includes the short prose story Meaner Than A Junkyard Dog.”

Zombies vs Robots: Warlock Omnibus is available now in a trade paperback edition.

New In Books: Exit Zero

New this month from Permuted Press is Exit Zero by Neil A. Cohen.

"A pandemic is sweeping across New Jersey, 

A state abandoned by the country and sealed off from the world. 

The inhabitants left to kill or to die. 

When scientific research into curing both hunger and obesity goes terribly wrong, a fast moving plague is unleashed that sweeps across the Garden State. 

The victims have become horrific mutations of their former selves. But is this an accident, a terrorist attack, or part of a much larger plan? 

A group of estranged friends must come together during the first 48 hours of the outbreak to journey through the chaos towards their only chance of escape, Exit 0 off of the Garden State Parkway.

A Soldier, a Scientist, a Detective, a Mobster, a Politician and a Prepper along with a beautiful yet dangerous woman from the Philippines are inexplicably bound together by a shadowy corporation. Along the way they learn that their friendships; their careers; in fact their entire lives may have never been as it appeared.

A Zombie story that reflects some of the hot button issue of today, from genetically modified organism (GMO) entering our day to day food supply to mass pandemics such as Ebola, to mass migration affecting the southern border. Exit Zero takes no sides but gleefully exploits all of our worst case scenario fears.  

With influences from Soylent Green, The Boys from Brazil, World War Z and MTV’s Jersey Shore; Exit Zero is a unique story that describes in detail the origin of the zombie plague, how it spreads and why. 

Details long missing from zombie lore are sure to please the zombie fan who wants answers.

Whether you love or fear zombies, and whether you love or fear New Jersey, you will love Exit Zero."

Exit Zero is available now in paperback and Kindle editions.

New On DVD: Island of the Living Dead

New this week from Intermission Picture Corp is Island of the Living Dead, directed by Bruno Mattei, and starring Yvette Yzon, Gaetano Russo, and Jim Gaines.

"Where the hungry dead feast on the flesh of the damned!"

Island of the Living Dead is available now on DVD.

New In Comics: Zombie Killustrated #1

New this week from Antarctic Press is Zombie Killustrated #1.

"Hungry for some brain food?  Then feast your eyes on this tasty tome!  This carnage kill-o-rama collects together the finest of our undead-based material into one warm-off-the-press package for any zombie fan to gorge on!  Zombie Killustrated: It's a no-brainer!"

New In Comics: The Walking Dead #137

New this week from Image Comics is The Walking Dead #137.

"A future uncertain."

The Walking Dead #137 features a story by Robert Kirkman, art by Charlie Adlard, Stefano Guadiano, and Cliff Rathburn, and a cover by Charlie Adlard and Dave Stewart.

New On DVD: Z Nation: Season 1

New this week from Universal Studios is Syfy's zombie series Z Nation: Season 1, created by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler.

"Three years after the devastating ZN1 virus gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of a zombie attack--and humanity's last hope to develop a vaccine--from New York to California. However, he's hiding a secret that could endanger the mission. Z Nation: Season 1 is a rollercoaster of non-stop thrills, chills, and blood-splattering fun. Watch every episode back-to-back and uninterrupted, and join this rag-tag team on an epic road trip of survival across post-apocalyptic America."

Bonus features include:

  • Gag Reel
  • Preparing for the ZN1 Virus: Z Nation Concept and Development
  • Race for the Cure: The Making of Z Nation Season 1
  • Making of a Znado and More: Behind the Visual Effects
  • Creating the Gore: A Look into the World of Synapse FX
  • Music of the Apocalypse: Making of the Z Nation Score
  • Z Kill Reel

Z Nation: Season 1 is available now on DVD and Amazon Instant Video.

The Walking Dead Are Taking Over Twitter

Have a question or comment for the cast and crew of The Walking Dead? Tonight is your chance to ask them on Twitter. Tweet with #AskTWD and you might get an answer between 8pm and 9pm ET.

Participating in the live Twitter chat are:

Andrew Lincoln (@walkingdead_amc)

Steven Yeun (@steveyeun)

Melissa McBride (@mcbridemelissa)

Lauren Cohan (@laurencohan)

Chad L. Coleman (@ChadLColeman)

Michael Cudlitz (@cudlitz)

Christian Serratos (@cserratos)

Josh McDermitt (@joshmcdermitt)

Tyler James Williams (@TylerJamesWill)

Alanna Masterson (@AlannaMasterson)

Scott Gimple (@ScottMGimple)

Robert Kirman (@RobertKirkman)

New On Netflix: Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

New today as a streaming title on Netflix is Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead, directed by Tommy workload, and starring Vegar Hoel, Orjan Garnst, Martin Starr, Jocelyn DeBoer, and Ingrid Haas.

"After medical student Martin escapes from Nazi zombies, he finds himself charged with murdering his friends. But now he's got more important things to worry about: gathering an army to face off against the bloodthirsty, undead battalion."

New In Comics: Zombie Tramp #7

New this week from Action Lab Comics is Zombie Tramp #7.

"As Zombie Tramp makes her way through the Southwest, she stops for a bite at a local fast food chain. It seems that ordering off the menu at this chicken joint can land you in the nugget grinder though, so Janey will have to wield her budding necro powers well if she wants to stay undead! Features a variant cover by Dan Mendoza (limited to 2000 copies) and a risqué variant cover (limited to 2500 copies)."

Zombie Tramp #7 was written by Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin, and illustrated by Winston Young, with a cover by TMChu, a Risqué variant cover by TMChu, and an Artist variant cover by Dan Mendoza.

Artist variant:

Risqué variant:

New In Comics: Return of the Living Deadpool #1

New this week from Marvel Comics is Return of the Living Deadpool #1.

"Last year, Cullen Bunn brought us NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL, the hit tale of the Merc with the Mouth trapped in the zombie apocalypse. In the end, our hero found a “cure” of sorts to this horrible outbreak—any zombie that ate Deadpool transformed...into another Deadpool. And they lived happily ever after? Not so fast, as Cullen Bunn returns, joined by the amazing artwork of Nicole Virella, to let us know that wandering hordes of Deadpools might just be worse than flesh-hungry walking corpses."

Return of the Living Deadpool #1 was written by Cullen Bunn, and illustrated by Nicole Virella, with a cover by Jay Shaw, and a variant cover by Ryan Stegman.

Variant cover:

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