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New In Books: Dark of Night - Flesh and Fire

New from Journalstone is the double feature book Dark of Night - Flesh and Fire, the eighth book in their Doubledown Series..

Dark of Night, the zombie story of this set, was written by Jonathan Mayberry and Rachael Lavin.

"The dead rose. We fell. The survivors are trapped in a world of monsters who prey on the helpless. Some of them are zombies…but they are not the only predators who feed on pain and suffering. DARK OF NIGHT is a story of worlds in collision. Three heroes who have survived the apocalypse are in a deadly race to save a busload of children from ravenous zombies and ruthless human scavengers.

This brand new novella brings together three of New York Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry’s award-winning novel series. Captain Joe Ledger (PATIENT ZERO and CODE ZERO), Officer Desdemona Fox (DEAD OF NIGHT and FALL OF NIGHT), and Rachael Elle (BITS & PIECES, a Rot & Ruin novel) are caught between an endless wave of the living dead and an army of corrupt men who want to enslave the last human survivors.

Jonathan Maberry teams with debut novelist Rachael Lavin to tell a sweeping story of adventure, horror, and heroism."

The second tale, Flesh and Fire, was written by Lucas Magnum.

"In the midst of a midlife crisis, Todd is haunted by Chloe, the lover who died not long after their relationship ended. When Chloe escapes Hell in search of the peaceful rest that has eluded her, a demon named Samael is on her trail and she needs Todd’s help. While on the run Todd and Chloe face demons real and personal, soul-threatening danger, and their long-buried feelings for each other."

Dark of Night - Flesh and Fire is available now in paperback.

New In Comics: Plants Vs. Zombies #10: Boom Boom Mushroom Part 1

New this week from Dark Horse Comics is Plants vs. Zombies #10: Boom Boom Mushroom Part 1.

"Crazy Dave’s brainy niece Patrice, neighborhood daredevil Nate Timely, and a batch of bold plants discover “Zomboss’s Secret Plan for Raising a Zombie Army Underground and Then Swallowing the Entire City of Neighborville Whole!” The rare Boom Boom Mushroom must be found in order to save the humans aboveground!"

Plants vs. Zombies #10: Boom Boom Mushroom Part 1 was written by Paul Tobin, illustrated by Jacob Chabot, Cat Farris, and Matthew J. Rainwater, and features a cover by Jacob Chabot.

New In Comics: Zombie Tramp #22

New this week from Action Lab Comics is Zombie Tramp #22.

"At long last Zombie Tramp is reunited with Tyrone, the man who ruined her life. But Janey’s plans for revenge are slipping away, what with her being his prisoner, and with him planning to keep her soul as a trophy!! Now it’s up to her long lost mentor and friend, the twisted voodoo queen Xula, to save the day in Pimps, Ho's, and Hocus Pocus part 2!"

Zombie Tramp #22 was written by Dan Mendoza, and illustrated by TMChu, with a regular cover and risqué variant by TMChu, an action figure variant cover and  risqué action figure variant cover by Mendoza, and an artist variant cover and risqué artist variant cover by Daniël Arruda Massa.

Regular cover:

Action figure variant cover:

Artist variant cover:

For all the covers, including the risqué variants, see our Pinterest archive.

New On DVD: Texas Voodoo Zombies

New this week from Maverick Entertainment Group is Texas Voodoo Zombies, directed by Victor McGlothin and starring Garrick Thomas, Sarah Umoh, Jon Ball, and Dehn Donahue.

"Ex-con Doobie Jones is faced with a dilemma, find a real job or go back to jail. Just when he thinks his luck has changed, Voodoo priestess Sabrina, casts a spell converting a deadly concoction into a powerful zombie formula. He has a tough decision to make, stand and fight, or run like hell."

Texas Voodoo Zombies is available now on DVD.

Zombies Enter the Video Vortex Tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers is pulling out their VHS copy of Zombie Army for a screening in their Video Vortex series tonight.

Directed by Betty Stapleford and written by Roger Scearce, Zombie Army, released in 1991, was shot on video in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Alamo Drafthouse says:

"It features exploding heads, guts-thrown-on-walls, samurai sword attacks, tiny tanks being driven through tiny hallways, two randos having awkward sex in a bunker, and songs with titles like “Stinky Loving” and “You Zlay Me.” Plus, when the initial batch of soldiers is obliterated by the legion of gut-chompers, the government calls in an all-women battle squad to do the job right. This makes ZOMBIE ARMY the first -- and only -- feminist shot-on-video zombie movie!"

The Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers is located at 2548 Central Park Avenue in Yonkers, NY. You can buy tickets at the box office or online.

New On Blu: Bride of Re-Animator

New this week from Arrow Video is a three disc limited edition set for Bride of Re-Animator, directed by Brian Yuzna, and starring Jeffrey Combs, Jack Abbott, Fabiana Udeino, Claude Earl Jones, and David Gale.


The success of Stuart Gordon s hit horror-comedy Re-animator meant that a sequel was all but inevitable. The resulting follow-up, Bride of Re-animator - this time helmed by director Brian Yuzna (Society, Return of the Living Dead 3 and Producer of the original Re-animator) - would prove that there was a good deal more life left in the story of Dr. Herbert West and his ghoulish exploits.

It is 8 years since the Miskatonic massacre. Unperturbed by the disastrous outcome of his previous meddling with the dead, Dr. West (again played by Jeffrey Combs) continues his research into the phenomenon of re-animation; only this time, he plans to create life starting with the heart of his young protégé Dan s dearly deceased, Meg Halsey. Surely nothing could go wrong?

With special effects master Screaming Mad George (the man behind the infamous shunting sequence in Society) on hand to contribute a host of characteristically weird and wonderful creations including zombified bats and a one-eyed finger spider Bride of re-animator is a more than worthy successor to Gordon s original cult classic.


Brand new 2K restorations of the Unrated and R-rated versions of the film, approved by director Brian Yuzna

High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations

Original Stereo 2.0 audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)

Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Newly commissioned artwork by Gary Pullin

Limited Edition Collector s Booklet

Limited Edition Packaging to be revealed


Brand new 2K restoration of the Unrated version

Brand new audio commentary with Brian Yuzna

Audio Commentary with Brian Yuzna, star Jeffrey Combs, visual effects supervisor Tom

Rainone and the effects team including John Buechler, Mike Deak, Bob Kurtzman, Howard Berger and Screaming Mad George

Audio Commentary with stars Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott

Brian Yuzna Remembers Bride of Re-animator brand new featurette in which the director looks back at the making of the first Re-animator sequel

Splatter Masters: The Special Effects Artists of Bride of Re-animator Brand new FX featurette with a wealth of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Robert Kurtzman of KNB, Screaming Mad George, Tony Doublin and John Buechler

Getting Ahead in Horror - archive making-of featurette

Deleted Scenes


Brand new 2K restoration of the R-rated version

Bride of Re-Animator is available now on Blu-ray/DVD.

New In Comics: The Walking Dead #153

New this week from Image Comics is The Walking Dead #153.

"Heavy hangs the head."

The Walking Dead #153 was written by Robert Kirkman, and illustrated by Charlie Adlard, Stefano Guadiano, and Cliff Rathburn, and with a cover by Charlie Adlard and Dave Stewart.

New On DVD: Fear The Dead Collection

New this week from Echo Bridge is the Fear the Dead Collection, a ten film compilation of zombie and post-apocalyptic movies.

The collection includes:

To Survive 
Jonathan, a lone drifter, begins to take on responsibility for a group of apocalypse survivors. But will the dangers of the empty countryside kill his chance at love and family? 

Matt Owens, a bounty hunter, kidnaps a fugitive from a law officer (Mark Hamill). To avoid detection, Owens flies into a post-apocalypse slipstream. Now he'll have to face the law, a religious cult that holds the winds sacred, and the unknowns of the slipstream... 

Rise of the Undead 
The nation has collapsed, leaving a room full of strangers filled with dread and uncertainty. Venturing into the apocalyptic world without a plan, the group soon realizes they aren't the only ones who have survived—there are zombies everywhere. 

The Devil's Messenger 
The devil (Lon Chaney Jr.) sends his right-hand henchman to Earth to execute a final, apocalyptic plot: detonate a 500 megaton bomb, destroy all of mankind, and fill the chambers of hell with tormented souls. 

Night Train to Terror 
An unsuspecting rock band boards a train bound for nowhere, while two illustrious presences, God and Satan, swap macabre tales and discuss the fate of the train's passengers. 

The Invaders: Genesis 
In this post-apocalyptic world, Officer David Orwell sets off on the run after he discovers that he's fighting for a corrupt and deadly system. 

The rural life of two brothers is upended by a deadly secret in this apocalyptic zombie thriller.  

Population 2 
Alone in a post-apocalyptic world, Lilith clings to the memories of love and betrayal of her past life. 

The Rising Dead 
Survivors of "The Plague" are surrounded by zombies in a tropical destination, relying solely on the fearlessness of their leader, John Blake, to keep them safe.  

Rabid Rage 
When Josh's friend, Danny, is diagnosed with cancer, Josh feels that he needs a fun-filled trip to the woods. So, before he begins his first round of chemotherapy, Danny and a group of buddies head off to camp and party. But the party is over before it even starts when they encounter an aggressive zombie-like man, foaming at the mouth.

Fear the Dead Collection is available now on DVD.

New In Comics: Self Storage #4

New this week from 451 Media Group is Self Storage #4.

"After the explosive revelations, Chris races back to the contents of storage unit 83. It doesn't take long for Chris to realize that, considering the cargo, leaving a couple of fellow merchants with questionable ethics in charge was a huge mistake. The bodies are starting to pile up, the vultures continue to gather, and it will soon be time to eat!"

Self Storage #4 was written by Clay McLeod Chapman and illustrated by Matt Timson.

New In Comics: Zombie Proof: Zombie Zoo #1

New this week from American Mythology is Zombie Proof: Zombie Zoo #1.

"Watch out for the zombie Chihuahuas! 20 years ago in a small, sleepy southwest Texas town, Billy Bob Driwahl made the mistake of letting people know about his visions of a zombie apocalypse. Now, after two decades as the area’s pariah, circumstances have changed drastically. The zombies have arrived. How did he know? And as society rips itself apart, can Billy Bob lead the citizens of San Rosina to safety now that even deceased animals are returning?"

Zombie Proof: Zombie Zoo #1 was written by J.C Vaughn and illustrated by Vincent Spencer.

Regular cover:

Subscription cover:

New In Comics: Zombie Tramp #21

New this week from Action Lab Comics is Zombie Tramp #21.

"As Janey finally makes her way into Miami, she wastes no time in beginning her hunt for Tyrone Fisk, her first pimp. But what she thinks will be an easy kill, soon proves more difficult when a mysterious new voodoo powered player enters the game. Get set for an all-out brawl of Pimps, Ho's, and Hocus Pocus!"

Zombie Tramp #21 was written by Dan Mendoza, and illustrated by TMChu, with a regular cover and risqué variant by TMChu, an action figure variant cover and  risqué action figure variant cover by Mendoza, and an artist variant cover and risqué artist variant cover by Bill McKay.

Regular cover:

Action figure variant cover:

Artist variant cover:

For all the covers, including the risqué variants, see our Pinterest archive.

New On DVD: Teenage Zombies

New this week from Vinegar Syndrome is the double feature disc Revenge of the Virgins / Teenage Zombies.

A group of teenagers are held captive by a crazed doctor after they discover an evil plot involving fiendish experiments to try to rule the world! Director Jerry Warren was a 1950s B Movie mainstay and his film TEENAGE ZOMBIES has been restored from its original 35mm camera negative!

And also included on the disc:

Director Peter Perry’s bizarre nudie western tells the story of a tribe of topless female Indians battling backstabbing gold prospectors. The screenplay was co-written by the blundering master himself Ed Wood and now Vinegar Syndrome presents this early nudie classic newly restored from its 35mm camera negatives in widescreen.

Revenge of the Virgins / Teenage Zombies is available now on DVD.

New On Blu: My Boyfriend's Back

New this week from Mill Creek Entertainment is My Boyfriend's Back, directed by Bob Balaban, and starring Andrew Lowery, Traci Lind, Danny Zorn, Edward Herrmann, Mary Beth Hurt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Paul Dooley.

"Teenager Johnny Dingle will do anything to keep his date with the hottest girl in school - even come back from the grave! You see, Johnny had the perfect scheme to win the heart of Missy McCloud, the town beauty. Unfortunately, Johnny's scam goes sour and he winds up dead! Even so, Johnny's determined to keep his date - unaware of the hilarity waiting for him upon his return! See for yourself why everyone's dying to see this outlandishly funny comedy!"

My Boyfriend's Back is available now on Blu-ray.

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