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Warning: Undead Ahead! The Zombie Chasers Saga Continues

PhotobucketThe children's book series, The Zombie Chasers, is set to continue with the release of its second book, Undead Ahead, on March 29, 2011.

Originally launched in June 2010 by Alloy Entertainment and Harper, The Zombie Chasers is written by John Kloepfer and illustrated by Steve Wolfhard.  

The series follows the adventures of Zack, Johnston and Madison as they fight the good fight against friends and family that have succumbed to the zombie apocalypse.

TheZombieChasers.com intros the team:


PhotobucketZack Arbutus Clarke: His house is a wreck, his sister's a zombie, and he's stolen his mom's Volvo. He's totally going to be grounded if he survives this zombie outbreak! Zack isn't the biggest kid on the block, but when the stakes are raised and there are lives on the line . . . let's just say, he steps up big in the clutch!

PhotobucketJohnston Rice (a. k. a. Rice): Zack's BFF, Rice is the Zombie Chaser's official know-it-all undead expert and wannabe scientist. He's practically memorized The Zombie Survival Guide, and he knows what's going on . . . most of the time.

PhotobucketMadison Miller: Zack's now zombified sister Zoe's BFF, Madison is a hotsy-totsy vegan queen; she's a cold-blooded mean girl with a heart of gold and a belly full of VitalVeganPowerPunch—and she seriously can't believe that her best friend became a zombie and left her alone with these dweebs (a.k.a. Zack and Rice)!



The Zombie Chasers website has a lot of fun to offer kids who wish to explore the series with options to meet the characters, download free chapters, play games (anyone up for some Whac-A-Zombie?), train to be a Zombie Chaser and even win a chance to be zombified by illustrator Wolfhard. Visit TheZombieChasers.com to join the fight.

Fans of the series can download the first chapter of Undead Ahead right here.  And if you want to find out what it's all about, you can download the first three chapters of The Zombie Chasers right here.

The The Zombie Chasers #1 is available to buy now and The Zombie Chasers #2: Undead Ahead is available for pre-order.

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