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Dessert is served: Zombies Ala Mode HD!

Photobucket Crawl Space Games' Zombies Ala Mode HD is now available for the iPad and iPhone.

"Plants vs Zombies meets Scoops in Zombies Ala Mode for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Play as a young hard working zombie trying to make a living in the ice cream business. Fill ice cream orders while dodging obstacles and try not to get fired. With three game modes, 50 levels, OpenFeint achievements, leaderboards, and lots of upgrades in career mode, you will enjoy hours of zombie goodness." - Crawl Space Games

From the official press release:

"Zombies Ala Mode HD contains 50 levels and 3 different games modes, Career, Survival and Bug Attack! Career mode features 50 levels and users have to succeed in order to advance. Survival is a race to serve as many customers as possible. Suit up in armor in Bug Attack! to fend off and shoot at the never-ending swarm of bugs attacking your ice cream stand. 

Using tilt sensitivity control, navigate through obstacles like ice cream scoopers, boots, water bottles and skateboards while trying to serve customers. Obtain upgrades like a helmet that will keep your zombie in top shape to handle the most difficult orders. It's survival of the fittest, or deadest in this case.

You can find Zombies Ala Mode in the iTunes App store this week for the introductory price of $1.99 this week with the price jumping to $3.99 thereafter.

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