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New On DVD This Week: Fistful Of Brains

Photobucket "Two hearts... One love... No chance!!!"

The ultra-low budget zombie Western Fistful of Brains, written and directed by Christine Parker, just saw its wide debut on DVD yesterday.  Originally released in 2008, the film stars Jacqueline Martini, Conrad Osborne, Darrell Parker, Edward Warner and Chuck Williams.

"The town of Shadowhawk is overrun by zombies when it gets caught in a war between two mysterious brothers. One of the brothers has sold the townsfolk his “magical elixir” promising them immortality. What he doesn’t tell them is that he’s recruiting them for his zombie army, and they will develop an unquenchable hunger for human flesh!"

Brain Damage Films is handling distribution. Disc features include and audio commentary, blooper reel, a making of featurette, trailers and more.

Parker previously directed the 2007 low budget bunny-zombie gorefest The Forever Dead.

The teaser trailer for Fistful of Brains:

Fistful of Brains is available for purchase on DVD now.

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