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A Zombie Hunter Finds Redemption On Survivor

PhotobucketCBS has just announced the cast of Survivor: Redemption Island and it includesa cast member who previously appeared in promos for Evike.com's Zombie Hunter game.

Stephanie Valencia, a 26 year old waitress from Long Beach, CA was called up to ship out to for duty on the Zapatera tribe. Back in 2005, Stephanie appeared in the Zombie Hunter trailer, a promo for the live action airsoft game, Zombie Hunter, that uses gas-powered BB guns.

Why does she think that she will win Survivor? "I'm strong, fast and smart. I can hold my own and I'm not a quitter." Furthermore, she tells EW.com that "I'm really good at looking cute, but I'm better at kicking ass when I have to.'' Sounds like she might fare pretty well during the zombie apocalypse as well.

Meet Stephanie and the other Redemption Island survivors:

Watch the trailer for Zombie Hunter:


Survivor: Redemption Island premieres on CBS on Wednesday, February 16th at 8pm ET

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