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Plants vs. Zombies Giveaway

PhotobucketGames.com is hosting a Plants vs. Zombies giveaway featuring free copies of the game for Nintendo DS and Mac/PC plus other PvsZ swag.

To enter, head over to the Games.com Facebook page and answer the following question:

If you could add a zombie to Plants vs. Zombies, what would it be? Tell us about your own made-up zombie. What would your zombie look like? What would it do? If you want to draw your zombie, go ahead!

You have a week to get your entry in before they pick two winners.

Two different prize packs are available:

Prize A
Plants Vs. Zombies for PC/Mac - Limited Edition
Plants Vs. Zombies Can Cozy

Prize B
Plants Vs. Zombies for Nintendo DS
Plants Vs. Zombies Action Figure

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