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New On Blu: Dead Alive (aka Braindead)

Just released this week, straight out of New Zealand, is Peter Jackson's cult classic zombie gorefest Dead Alivenow available on Blu-ray.

Braindead, as the film is known everywhere except North America, was released in 1992 and immediately earned a reputation as one of the goriest films ever made.  Featuring a unique blend of extreme horror and over the top humor, Dead Alive is indeed one of the most graphic fright films you will ever run across. In addition to directing, Peter Jackson also handled writing duties with longtime partner Fran Walsh and frequent collaborator Stephen Sinclair.

"Throw out all your preconceptions about the limits of horror! A new standard has been set with Dead Alive - The Mother of All Horror Films. On a quiet street, in a small town, pure evil has come to stay. An innocent young man forced to care for his domineering mother finds the task a whole lot more demanding after she's bitten by the cursed Sumatran rat monkey. Passing the point of death, Vera sucks friends and family into her gruesome existence among the living dead, and Lionel is sent spiraling into a ghoulish nightmare. Now a crazed zombie, she soon infects enough people to make it difficult for Lion, still the faithful son, to keep the neighbors from suspecting that something is terribly wrong. Dripping with state-of-the art special effects that feature mutilations, rock 'n' roll dismemberments and household appliances, it all combines into the most bizarre ending ever filmed."

A theatrical trailer is the only extra.

Dead Alive is available on Blu-ray for just $10.49.

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