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Be Prepared... For A Zombie Jamboree Attack

Boy Scouts know that they need to always 'be prepared' for anything and that includes inevitable attacks by ravenous hordes of the undead. And that is why Troop 7 out Coral Gables, FL is using a Zombie Attack Drill as the basis for earning their Radio Merit Badges.

"The troop has invited local First Defenders to participate. “If there are Zombies around, we definitely think that the police and fire departments should be involved,” said Dan Deveson, an assistant scoutmaster with the troop. “We wanted to find a way that the boys could learn how the pros use their radios, and few things are so important to a 12-year-old as thwarting Zombie attacks.”

The troop will be broadcasting Zombie Action Reports around the world using amateur radio equipment provided by licensed radio operator volunteers. “In case of hurricanes, or Zombies, amateur radio operators often work with public safety professionals to provide community support. That’s exactly the sort of activity that modern scouting is all about,” said Deveson."

This is just an absolutely brilliant way to educate the scouts and have fun while doing it!

And when the zombie apocalypse really does hit, we're betting that Troop 7 is going to do just fine for themsleves.


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