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The Missouri Strain Is Raising Funds

The Missouri Strain, a short zombie film gearing up to shoot in Maryland, is looking to raise $2,500 and using IndieGoGo to do so.

Written by Ryan McLaughlin and directed by W.J. Kotansky, Jr., The Missouri Strain tells the story of "a small family trying to escape a fast-acting virus sweeping across the planet that instantly mutates people into flesh-eating zombies. The virus spreads so rapidly that the family has very little options to escape. They turn to their last resort and enter into the deep east coast forest hoping they will be safe."

A $10 contribution gets you a DVD copy of the film and a $100 donation will get you a part on-screen as a zombie. Even just $1 will get you a 'Special Thanks" credit.

The Missouri Strain Kickstarter Video from W.J. Kotansky, Jr. on Vimeo.

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