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New On DVD: The Zombie Farm

Just released on DVD today - The Zombie Farm

Produced in 2009 and directed by Ricardo Islas (Night Fangs, Frankenstein: Day of the Beast) and starring Khotan, Adriana Cataño, Roberto Montesinos and Monika Munoz, The Zombie Farm is a Maya Entertainment release.

"Rocque (Roberto Montesinos) is a spirit priest, or santero, who's asked by local resident Ana Maria (Monika Munoz) for protection from her abusive husband. When Rocque tells Ana that he's powerless to help her, she turns to rival priestess Mama Luna (Nadia Rowinsky). The priestess helps Ana kill her husband, but then adds him to her collection of zombie slaves. Now, Rocque has to keep Ana, and himself, from succumbing to the same zombie fate."

The Zombie Farm is available on DVD.

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