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Casting Call: AXE and KNIFE

AXE and KNIFE, a zombie short film gearing up to shoot in and around Flint, Michigan is holding a casting call this weekend for their three leads (non-zombie roles).

The producers say "The story revolves around 3 characters thrown together in a time of chaos and their struggle to survive - not just what lurks outside, but each other. Whoʼs intentions are pure and whoʼs are driven by something more?".

Who are they looking for?

Holt - described as "an every day guy stuck in an extraordinary situation. He's doing everything he can just to survive."

Samantha - described as "an attractive woman caught in the middle of a chaotic situation looking for some help."

Jason - decribed as "a tough skinned videographer looking to make a quick buck at the expense of other people's well being."

Two casting sessions will be held:

Saturday, April 16th - 11:30am - 4:30pm at Mott Community College (Flint) in Room RTC 1107

Sunday, April 17th - 11:30am - 6:30pm at Guidos Coffee Lounge in Woodard Station (Owosso)

Sides are available on the film's official website - AXEandKNIFE.com - so go in prepared.

If your heart lies in playing a zombie, they are sure to need a few of those too.  The AXE and KNIFE producers request that you skip the casting call and, instead, just email them a headshot and short description of yourself to casting@axeandknife.com.

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