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Bunny The Zombie Slayer

And just in time for Easter, Hothead Games comes hopping along with a new iPhone / iPad game - Bunny the Zombie Slayer!

Save Easter! Save the Children! Play as the Easter Bunny himself, fending off wave after wave of marauding zombies!

"You control a heroic bunny, who must protect children searching for his eggs from waves of Zombie Hordes. These once-deceased characters (nurses, businessmen, cheerleaders and more) will stop at nothing to take what is most precious from these young ovo-searchers. Using the Bunny's weapon of choice, brightly colored eggs, you can unleash a yolky fury to dismember and decapitate the undead. Aim for the head!" - Hothead Games

Bunny The Zombie Slayer is available in the iTunes Store now for $0.99.

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