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Pocket God Adds Zombies

For its latest update, Bolt Creative has added zombies to Pocket God: Journey To Uranus...

Episode 5: Planet of the Dead

"The Graveyard Island has been added to the planet Earth! Drag the pygmy across the ocean to the right to find the new location. There lies a mysterious grave with strange markings on the tombstone. Tap the dirt to dig up the grave, drop a pygmy in, and tap the dirt again to bury the pygmy alive. The special power of the grave turns the Pygmy into a brain-eating Zombie! This sandbox function is based on the classic zombie function on Pocket God, but new and improved. Like Pocket God, the Zombies spread their infection, but now you can give uninfected pygmies an axe to defend themselves! The axe does a great job of dismembering Zombies, but doesn't slow them down much! Drag zombies to different locations and experiment to see what you can do to them!"

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus is available for iPad and iPhone for $0.99

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