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The Vegan Zombie

Hard to imagine two things that go together more naturally than vegan cooking and the zombie apocalypse.  And in this regard, The Vegan Zombie is already way ahead of us on this. 

So what is The Vegan Zombie? Think of it as The Walking Dead if The Food Network had nabbed the rights instead of AMC.

They describe The Vegan Zombie as -  "It is brand, our name, a movie in the making (which we will begin shooting this summer), and a site where vegans and horror fans can come together and share thoughts and ideas with one another. We make ‘how to’ videos on vegan cooking, which is set in a post apocalyptic zombie invasion. Our host gives our audience tips and tricks on vegan cooking and staying safe from zombies. But what would happen if he were to become a zombie? Stay tuned…"

Good setup. This could potentially lead to one of the most soul-searching, gut-wrenching cinematic explorations of undead life as a zombie struggles to reconcile his vegan lifestyle with a never ending hunger for human flesh. Or not. But either way, we'll be getting some good meat-free recipes along with our dose of bloodshed and gore.

The latest wepisode is 'French Toast' - Jon and fellow vegan survivor head out and find an old movie theater. Watch as they have a few close calls with wandering zombies and Jon finds time to whip up a quick batch of delicious vegan french toast! 

Getting hungry now... must eat...

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