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New In Print: The Smoky Corridor: A Haunted Mystery

Just released in paperback today for readers ages 9-12 years old, The Smoky Corridor: A Haunted Mystery is author Chris Grabenstein's latest kid lit thriller. And yes, its got zombies!

From Random House's About This Book -

"Zack is about to start at his new school, and his dad, who went there years before, tells Zack the stories of the haunted janitor’s closet, the specter of a dead crossing guard, and the Donnelly brothers, who perished in a suspicious fire. Dad doesn’t know that Zack has already met the Donnellys’ ghosts, who have warned Zack that there is an evil zombie under the school. Zack also learns that while zombies are usually content eating corpses, if they happen to bite someone who isn’t dead, that person also becomes a zombie.

Before midterms, Zack is dealing with two zombies, while trying to protect a friend whose curiosity has put him on the zombies’ menu."


Grabenstein's bibliography includes the adult thrillers Tilt-a-Whirl, Mad House, Slay Ride and Hell for the Holidays along with other children's books. Learn more about the author on his official site.

The Smoky Corridor is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook format.

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