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New In Print: Loose Ends: A Zombie Novel

Just released in paperback and Kindle editions from Hazardous Press - Loose Ends: A Zombie Novel by Jay Wilburn.

"Loose Ends is the story of three cooks and a mute boy (the narrator) who are the only survivors of a raider attack after the zombie apocalypse. They proceed to look for a new home, but in the process uncover the darkness in each other's pasts. Everyone has to eat. This is true for humans and it is true for zombies. Three men have managed to survive the apocalypse by cooking for those that do the work of rebuilding. Sometimes they worked for noble men and sometimes for evil opportunists, but they survived by doing it well. When they become the last survivors by hiding from an attack and they are only cooking for themselves, they begin to think surviving may not be enough. After years of living through a zombie apocalypse apart and together, they find themselves alone again and in need of a new home. As they strike out together to search, they begin to explore regrets and unfinished business from their past lives. They might lose themselves for a while in their shared art of preparing the food they eat, but they must also keep from being eaten by the monsters that roam the Earth, both living and undead. “Chef” David Sharp, “Short Order” Shaw Porter, “Doc” John Brown, and a mute boy they call Mutt are on a journey to tie up their many loose ends. They will discover that their past actions have had far-reaching consequences. They may find destruction or redemption, but they will have to fight the past, themselves, and the walking dead every step of the way."

You can find the author online at JayWilburn.com and on Twitter at @AmongTheZombies.

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