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Zombies on the Undead Frontier!

Yes Gnome, a social mobile gaming company based in India, is releasing a new zombie game - Undead Frontier.

From their official press release: 

Hyderabad, India - Undead Frontier - The game is fun, addictive and challenging because of it's unique strategy of having a social and a defense game interwined into one, where, how the players build their town affects how well it defends against zombies and the damaged incurred fighting zombies affects the social game economy. Additionally, the players can redesign their frontier town for optimum building placement to counter the zombies entering the town in the defense mode.

Simulation social game fans will enjoy building a town and making the economy flow of the last standing human town while interacting with the unique and eccentric characters that inhabit it. The players need to harvest crops, build and collect from businesses and houses as well as operate community buildings to keep their town thriving while making provisions to accomodate all the human survivors rushing to Undead Frontier to escape from the zombies.

The tower defense styled defense mode has cowboys coming out of the buildings and shooting the zombies down as they attack. The player can increase the number of cowboys, the resistance of buildings and repair them in real time if they get infected by zombies during a skirmish.

The game sports twin background scores that switch based on the mode the player is participating in with game mechanics that allow the player to add fighting cowboys, increase town resistance and repair damaged houses while fighting the zombies.

Pricing and Availability:
Undead Frontier is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content.

Undead Frontier will be available for iOS and Android platform smartphones.

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