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Not your ordinary zombie make-up tutorial video...

Posted by Intel for their "A Momentary Lapse" video contest:

"Not your ordinary zombie make-up tutorial video. This video is a time-lapse story of a gorgeous girl who gets zombified and comes to life, only to decay and die in front of our eyes. Watch as the nightmare unfolds. This video was created for Intel's "A Momentary Lapse" to celebrate the change over time."


"Zombie Makeup Special Effects Time-Lapse"
Directed by: Anka Malatynska
Music by: Circle of Sound 
On location at Spectral Motion Inc., a leader in the prosthetic makeup and creature effects industry

And you can enter Intel's "A Momentary Lapse" contest too:

Make your own 30-60 second original time-lapse or slow motion video and submit your entry for chances to win huge prizes! Submission Dates: June 22, 2012 - October 23, 2012 http://bit.ly/AMLIntel

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