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New In Games: Zombie Boom

Zombie Boom is on the way from SudoGame!

From their official press release:

New game Zombie Boom is coming soon

Hongkong, China - Zombie Boom is an action and puzzle game that based on chain reaction, especially the zombie's design is different from other zombie game, it's a bit of cute and strange. What's important is it won't make you feel nausea and fear. You need to choose when and where to throwing weapon. If you use incendiary bombs to hit a zombie, explosion caused flame effect for a period of time. In this short period of time, once other zombies touch the flame will also lead to "bomb ". The rest can be done in the same manner; you will glad to see interesting serial explosions. By the way, in order to makes game more lifelike, zombie blood maybe spatter to the screen in certain probability. Pass the stage or not is depends on your "deadly impact".

Don't worry about complex operation; Zombie Boom is first personal game. You just tap the screen to throwing weapons (if you have accumulated enough coins to buy props would be more brilliant). Whenever your pre-judge is right and tapping is timely, numerous zombies will turn into a pool of green blood. It stands to reason that some dilapidated walls will appear in game scene to make some trouble to players. So,"0" is a "normal" result.

* Chain reaction, serial explosions
* Different from other zombie game, a bit of cute and strange
* Zombie movement speed is different in every stage, from simple to difficult
* Each stage is a separate story and own requests, the player needs to respond to flexible barrier and complex terrain
* Refreshing stage is random; task sequence for each player will be different
* 8 categories of achievements push the envelope

Game props are free; you will get one gold coin if you blast a zombie (excluding the first one), more zombie blasting, more gold coins you gain. You can use these gold coin to buy game prop to help you to kill zombies. Blasting reaches a certain ratio, the player will get star. the player who want to collect achievements must try it.

The end of the world is coming, virus , homeless, zombie rampage. You determine the man's destiny!


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