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New In Games: Professor Zombie!

From the official press release:

Product Studios Releases Professor Zombie! for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Today Producto Studios released their newest game for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire: Professor Zombie Unscramble!

Just in time for Halloween - a sequel to the hit iOS game Professor Palindromes! (also released for the first time on Kindle Fire Today), Professor Zombie! Challenges you to unscramble the words before the Zombie eats the professor’s brain!

The Professor has left his brain out, and now zombies want to eat it! The only way you can stop the zombies is by unscrambling the words from the zombie lexicon.

The play is simple: press two letters to swap their places.

The action is frantic: can you make the correct moves before the time runs out?
You get 40 seconds on each level to unscramble the words. Be sure to read the clues, as they will help you figure out the puzzle.

Any time left over from the last level is applied to the next. The faster you work on the earlier levels, the better chance you have when things get more complicated.

Earn or buy (iOs only) “Instant Solves” to help you get to higher and higher levels!

Fun, and addictive. Download it now! For iOS and Android, and Kindle Fire.

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