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PopCap Launches iOS Update for Plants vs. Zombies

From PopCap's official press release

PopCap Launches iOS Update for Plants vs. Zombies

Additions Include 5 New Levels, Last Stand Endless Mode and 3 New Achievements

PopCap Games, a worldwide leader in mobile and social video games and a division of EA, today announced an update to Plants vs. Zombies™ for iOS that delivers 5 new game levels, Last Stand Endless mode and 3 new achievements. Existing players can download and play for free, as well as choose from a number of in-app purchase options that unlock special game packs and additional premium content.
With this new update, zombie fighters face a range of new challenges — battling through 5 new levels using a limited amount of sun in the new Last Stand Endless mode, a variant on classic Endless mode. Whacking zombies just got better, too, using powerful new mallets via the new Hammer Time, Still Standing and Stuff of Legends achievements.
Features At-a-Glance
Make Your Stand
The Last Stand Game Pack (100,000 coins for in-app purchase of €0.79) features 5 new levels, plus Last Stand Endless mode that provides an exciting new variant of the game’s classic Endless mode.
Achieve Greatness
Unlock 3 new achievements: Hammer Time, Still Standing and The Stuff of Legends, which bring the game’s total achievements to 48 for iPad and 47 for iPhone.
As Smart as a Bag of Hammers
Pick up a new Mallet Pack to help whack zombies in Survival and Last Stand Endless modes. Check out Crazy Dave’s Shop for more details.
Full Retina Display Support for iPad
Enjoy sharp, crisp graphics that enhance the playing experience for iPad.
PvZ Stuff
From the game menu link, check out the PvZ Store (http://www.pvzstore.com) for loads of great Plants vs. Zombies merchandise.

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