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Go Dead Yourself!

Don't wait for the zombies to get you, turn yourself into a walker with AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself app before they get the chance.

When the zombie apocalypse hits, the last thing you'll want to be is a shambling, flesh-eating member of the undead. But until doomsday, why not find out how you'd look as a walker? Now with the Dead Yourself App for iPhone and Facebook, you can do just that. Here's how it works:

1. Take a photo of yourself with the app or upload a photo to DeadYourself.com
2. Add zombified eyes, mouths, and props from The Walking Dead 
3. Share your new portrait on Facebook and Twitter
4. Vote for your favorites in the Walker photo gallery. 
5. Come back every week following all-new episodes of The Walking Dead to see what new eyes, mouths or props have been added and zombify yourself all over again.

Start your zombiefication at DeadYourself.com.

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