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The 'Zombie Chase' Is On

Inlogic Software announces Zombie Chase in this press release (via Games Press).

Zombie Chase - save your town against the zombie attack!

The wind flies around the houses, not a living creature there, is it a dead town? No, for the time being, but it is only a question of time! Crowds of the non-dead plunder the land, and with the typical dramatic effect it is necessary to admit that you are the last and the only chance how to turn away complete destruction. Accept this opportunity offered by the Inlogic Software and become the hero of the Wild West.

Banská Bystrica, 21st January 2013:  No one knows now how and why it started, the point is it is here and there is no time for cry and sorrow. Most people would run away, but you are not the most, you are a real cowboy and have your pride telling you that you must fight. Whole 32 levels are waiting for you; they are full of zombies, weapons, and bloody action.

As for the environment, you are definitely not going to suffer from the stereotype; you are going to fight day and night. Get all the weapons and learn how to use them, the offered arsenal is rather varied and destructive. On each level you will have a different task, from a simple survival of the attack by a group of zombies, through the search and protection of the well, survival during certain period of time, or killing certain amount of attackers by one weapon. So, do you really think a cactus is only for decoration?

"I adore zombie survival games and I am glad that particularly our company can boast such a successful game.“ Marek Jakab, sales manager in the Inlogic Software, comments the game release and adds: "I can definitely say the game is extremely dynamic and also properly juicy in certain way.“

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