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Death Troopers Launch a Halloween Attack In Star Wars: Commander

Halloween just wouldn't be the same without zombies on the loose, so the makers of Star Wars: Commander have unleashed Death Troopers into the mix for a new campaign called "The Sickness."

"The dead have risen for a new limited-time campaign called “The Sickness” in the popular mobile combat strategy game Star Wars: Commander. An army of Death Troopers has been unleashed on Dandoran due to an outbreak at a secret Imperial research facility. Commanders will need to fight to survive and locate the source as the Rebellion, or keep things under wraps as the Empire. No matter which side a player is on, they will need to figure out a way of keeping this outbreak of undead troopers from spreading across the galaxy."

"The Sickness" is a limited-time campaign so hunt those zombie stormtroopers while you can.

Star Wars: Commander can be found in the App Store, Google Play store and the Windows Phone Store. More info about the game is available on StarWars.com.

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