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New On DVD: In The Flesh: Season 2

New this week from BBC Home Entertainment is In The Flesh: Season 2, created by Dominic Mitchell, and starring Luke Newberry, Harriet Cains, Marie Critchley, Emily Bevan, and Steve Cooper.

"In season two of the critically acclaimed series, the living and undead of Roarton have reached an fragile peace. Kieren Walker, a recovered zombie (Partial Deceased Syndrome sufferer) is desperately keeping his head down and squirreling money into his escape fund for Paris. But on the wider world, fear is in the air as radical parties of both parties vie for power. As Kieren finds himself in the emotional crossfire, will he ever be able to lead a quiet life."

In The Flesh: Season 2 is available now on DVD and Amazon Instant Video.

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