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New In Comics: Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #1

New this week from Zenescope Entertainment is Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #1.

"Unknown actor Michael May gets his big break starring alongside a laundry list of A-listers in a new Hollywood superhero blockbuster. But Michael’s good fortune doesn’t last long when a zombie outbreak hit during the script reading party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Now, Michael is thrust into the role of leader when celebrity zombies begin attacking the unsuspecting cast and crew! Hollywood and zombies collide in this hilarious two-part parody comic book from Zenescope Entertainment!"

Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #1 was written by Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha, illustrated by David Lorenzo Riviero, colored by Jorge Alberto Cortes, lettered by Jim Campbell, and edited by Nicole Glade.

Cover A by Carlos Granda and Stephen Schaffer:

Cover B by Arthur Suydam:

Cover C by Johnny Desjardins and Sanju Nivangune:

Cover D by Talent Caldwell:

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