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New In Comics: Extinction Parade: War #5

New this week from Avatar Press is Extinction Parade: War #5.

"The final issue of the second series epic conflict erupts into a super-size issue as the Army of the Bloodline is finally revealed!  The war between Vampires and Zombies reaches a critical point as the long rumored Vampire army is finally assembled, preparing for a way to end this War.  New York Times Bestselling Author MAX BROOKS pushes the limits of modern horror to the breaking point in this pivotal chapter in his epic tale of undead class battle.   Extinction Parade will return in 2015 with the third, and final chapter of the most epic conflict ever!  

Available with Regular, Wraparound, End of a Species, Leather (limited to just 1000 copies), and Bloodwashed and Pure Art Retailer Order Incentive covers, all by series artist Raulo Caceres."

Extinction Parade: War #5 was written by Max Brooks and illustrated by Raulo Caceres.

End of a Species cover:

Leather cover:

Bloodwashed cover:

Pure Art cover:

Wraparound cover:

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