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New On DVD: Long Live The Dead

New this week from Wild Eye Releasing is Long Live The Dead, directed by Richard Poche and starring Megan Porter, Mindy Byram, Stephanie Danielson, Christine Heaberman, Hallie Islava, Christina Johnson, Kendall McCann, Mary Newman, Katrina Sherwood, Erica Rhodes, and Lora Mchugh.

Long Live The Dead is 'a zombie anthology' featuring five short films: "Dweezie", "A Picture to Die For", "Black Bone Woods", "Zoe Dies In The End", and "Here Lies Bud".

"Five tales of Zombie Terror! The dead have risen again and are in search of tender, young flesh - but these are not your ordinary zombie stories, and they will not end the way you think - a refreshing and unique spin on the genre featuring five tales of the undead, all told from a female point of view and featuring zombie urban legends, black magic rituals, and college coeds conjuring the dead from their graves."

Long Live The Dead is available now on DVD.

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