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Free Book Of The Week: Charlie Higson's The Enemy

Charlie Higson's The Enemy is currently available as iTunes free Book of the Week. They are likely to pick a new book for this honor tomorrow, Tuesday, May 27th, so act fast if you want to download it.

"The Enemy is the first book in a wildly successful and gory teen zombie series by the author of the Young Bond books (about the super-spy's early years). A mysterious epidemic has turned everyone over the age of sixteen into rotting, flesh-easting monsters - and the children of London are banding together for survival. Rolling out new frights on every page, Charlie Higson takes you on an adrenaline-pumping apocalyptic journey that tests his young characters' fortitude and strengthens their allegiances."

The other books in the series - The Dead, The Fear, The Sacrifice are available for $4.99, and The Fallen is available for $9.99.

Once again, this offer probably ends tonight at midnight when iTunes picks a new title for their Book of the Week, so get it while you can.

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