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New On DVD: Bloodsuckers From Outer Space (30th Anniversary Edition)

New this week from Whacked Movies is a limited 30th Anniversary Edition of Bloodsuckers From Outer Space, written and directed by Glen Coburn, and starring Thom Meyers, Laura Ellis, Robert Bradeen, Big John Brigham, Dennis Letts, and Pat Paulsen.

"An invisible alien presence invades rural Texas, revoltingly killing its victims, reanimating their corpses, and sending them on a bloodthirsty rampage. Scientists at a local research facility set out to study the phenomenon while top military brass are hell-bent on nuking the bloodsuckers. A young photographer and his girlfriend find themselves ensnared in the bloody mayhem. Taking a comic swipe at drive-in exploitation films, this Horror Sci-Fi farce is so true to the genre that it joins the ranks of the movies it pokes fun at."

Bloodsuckers From Outer Space (30th Anniversary Edition) is available now on DVD.

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