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New On DVD: Zombie Binge

New this month from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment is ZOMBIE BINGE, a two-disc compilation set featuring ten movies over a fourteen hour running time.

DIE-NER [GET IT?] - At a roadside diner, Ken's murder victims are causing quite the stir. They're back from the dead... and they're desperate for a bite to eat.

REVOLT OF THE ZOMBIES - When a malevolent count creates a slave race of men-turned-zombies to do his bidding, an international expedition sets out to stop him.

LAST OF THE LIVING - Three slackers must step up to the plate to save the human race from flesh-eating zombies.

AUTUMN - A deadly disease has wiped the planet of human life. The few survivors must adjust to a world of silence - and a world with the infected undead among them.

ASHES - While trying to find a cure for AIDS, a doctor accidentally creates an infectious disease that turns him into an aggressive, flesh-eating zombie.

HIDE AND CREEP - Zombies rise from the dead in a small Alabama town and take on a ragtag team of locals.

ZOMBIE DEAREST - While digging up the septic tank, Gus unearths an obedient, hard-working zombie... a zombie that will do whatever he wants.

RIVER OF DARKNESS - In a quiet river town, the once-dead Jacob Boys have returned after 30 years in purgatory.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - In this George A. Romero classic, a brother and sister visit the gravesite of their deceased father... but when darkness falls, zombies attack.

I AM OMEGA - The lone survivor of a deadly plague is doomed to an eternal battle with the mutant creatures that now control the Earth.

ZOMBIE BINGE is available now on DVD.

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