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New In Comics: Zombies vs Robots #2

New this week from IDW Publishing is Zombies vs Robots #2.

"“Inherit the Earth!,” part 2! Even on a dead, nuked Earth, the zombies remain. But how? And both the dead and some of the bots seem to have gained sentience? But why? Also: new humans join the fight? But who? Some answers and more questions are presented here! And in “The Orphan,” part 2, a new friendship is threatened by, of course, hordes of zombies and one very disturbed robot."

Zombies vs Robots #2 was written by Chris Ryall, Steve Niles, and Ashley Wood, and illustrated by Anthony Diecidue, Val Mayerick, and Ashley Wood, with coloring by Jay Fotos, lettering by Shawn Lee, a cover by Ashley Wood, and a subscription variant cover by James Stokoe.

Subscription variant cover:

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