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New In Comics: Aliens vs. Zombies #5

New last week from Zenescope Entertainment was Aliens vs. Zombies #5.

"Previously in Aliens Vs. Zombies…

Surrounded by dozens of zombies, Colt, Nova, Melissa, and Raxus are saved from certain doom by Balgar, Cromm, and Tak…but Tavon’s life comes to an abrupt end when he’s on the wrong side of a zombie attack. Meanwhile, with the satellite dish in hand, the group decides to walk the subway line in order to get back to the ship and initiate the cure…however, they soon realize that heading underground was a big mistake.


It’s the final stretch as the makeshift team of human survivors and alien scientists attempts to save what’s left of the world. But can they survive long enough to finish their mission?"

Aliens vs. Zombies #5 was written by Joe Brusha, and illustrated by Vincenzo Riccardi, with Cover A by Jason Metcalf and Victor Bartlett, Cover B by Anthony Spay and Sanju Nivangune, Cover C by Ed Anderson, and Cover D by Giuseppe Cafaro and Alessia Nocera.

Cover A:

Cover B:

Cover C:

Cover D:

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