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Decay Is Headed Your Way With A Night Of The Living Dead Reenactment

Burt and Tom, the guys behind Decay us headed your way!, recently poster the results of their first reenactment of George A. Romero's zombie classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

And yes, they shot at the original NOTLD location - Evans City Cemetery in Pennsylvania.


You can follow Decay is headed your way! on YouTube and Twitter.

New In Books: Night of the Living Dead: 2014 Screenplay

New in print this month from The Creative Stock Market is Night of the Living Dead: 2014 Screenplay.

"Barbara and her brother Johnny drive to the countryside to visit the gravestone of their late father when Johnny is brutally murdered by a mindless old man. The murderer then turns to Barbara who manages to hide in a small farmhouse where she meets Joe and a few others who are hiding from what appears to be an attack on the living. The dead keep coming back in a bloodthirsty lust for human flesh! This is a 2014 edition of the original screenplay written by George A. Romero and John A. Russo. It was rewritten, edited, modernized and formatted by Jimmy Edmonds and published by the Creative Stock Market."

The original Night of the Living Dead screenplay was written by George A. Romero and John A. Russo. This new version was updated by Jimmy Edmonds.

Night of the Living Dead: 2014 Screenplay is available now in paperback.

Night of the Living Trekkies Is On Sale Today

Okay zombies fans... and Star Trek fans... the Kindle version of Night of the Living Trekkies is on sale today for just $1.99.

"Journey to the final frontier of sci-fi zombie horror!
Jim Pike was the world’s biggest Star Trek fan—until two tours of duty in Afghanistan destroyed his faith in the human race. Now he sleepwalks through life as the assistant manager of a small hotel in downtown Houston.
But when hundreds of Trekkies arrive in his lobby for a science-fiction convention, Jim finds himself surrounded by costumed Klingons, Vulcans, and Ferengi—plus a strange virus that transforms its carriers into savage, flesh-eating zombies!
As bloody corpses stumble to life and the planet teeters on the brink of total apocalypse, Jim must deliver a ragtag crew of fanboys and fangirls to safety. Dressed in homemade uniforms and armed with prop phasers, their prime directive is to survive. But how long can they last in the ultimate no-win scenario?"

Night of the Living Trekkies was written Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall, and published by Quirk Books.

New In Comics: Night Of The Living Dead: Aftermath #10

New this week from Avatar Press is Night Of The Living Dead: Aftermath #10

"The original zombie menace is back and spreading its gruesome plague across the United States.  DAVID HINE has breathed new life into the undead as his decade of decadence tale makes it clear that no one is safe.  The virus is wiping out cities and turning the population into a shambling mockery of life.  Tired of zombie books with no bite?  Try NOTLD Aftermath for no holds barred ghoul horror!  Available with Regular cover painted by Matt Busch, Gore cover by Jacen Burrows, Wraparound cover by German Erramousepe, and Terror Retailer Incentive cover also by Busch."


New In Comics: Night Of The Living Dead: Aftermath Vol. 1

New this week from Avatar Press is the first volume of the trade paperback compilations for Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath by David Hine and German Erramouspe, collecting the first six issues of the comic.

 "A decade after the original ghoul outbreaks, life seems mostly normal.  As the occasional zombie uprising pops up, it is just as quickly put down.  Things are under control…at least that is what the government keeps telling everyone.

But for a group of unlucky travelers in Las Vegas, they are about to get a front row seat to the events at the end of the world.  Too quickly this new zombie outbreak spreads and soon they are forced to lead an exodus out of Sin City as waves of cruel undead turn the town into a bloody shambling wasteland.

They’re coming to get you…  If you like your zombie stories with a little “bite,” this is your zombie tale.  Get the new trade paper back…before it gets you."

Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath Vol. 1 is available in comic shops now and available for pre-order from Amazon.com (shipping on August 6th).

New On DVD: Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection

New this week from Lions Gate is Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection, directed James Plumb by and starring Sarah Louise Madison, Sabrina Dickens and S.J. Evans.

"Based on George A. Romero's classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. In 2012 the deceased have risen from their graves once again with the instinct to feed on the living. As academics speculate on the scientific cause of this phenomenon theologians point to the Armageddon foretold in the Book of Revelation. As the cities are overrun and civilization crumbles a family takes refuge from the undead army in an isolated farmhouse in West Wales. But the greatest threat is already among them as they fight to stay alive."

Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection is available now on DVD, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

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