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New In Books: Shades Of Gray (Roads Less Traveled Book 3)

New this week from Permuted Press is Shades Of Gray (Roads Less Traveled Book 3)  by C. Dulaney.

“The world was no longer black and white. Now they lived in shades of gray.” Kasey and the gang have come full circle through the crumbling world. Working for the National Guard, they realize old friends and fellow survivors are disappearing. When the missing start to reappear as walking corpses, the group sets out on another journey to discover the truth. Their answers wait in the West Virginia Command Center.

Along the way, Kasey’s group encounters a new breed of horror; humanity twisted into something not quite alive, but not quite dead. When the secret of the Command Center is unearthed, an old enemy threatens to rip Kasey’s world inside out.

Everything they know is wrong. A mistake they will pay for with blood."

 Shades Of Gray (Roads Less Traveled Book 3) is available in paperback now.

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