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New On DVD: Zombies Have Fallen

New this week from Green Apple Entertainment is Zombies Have Fallen, written and directed by Sam Hampson (aka Sam Fountayne), and starring Tansy Parkinson, Heath Hampson, Tony Gardner, and Finn H. Drude.

"A young woman (Tansy Parkinson) who possesses the supernatural powers and visions of an upcoming apocalypse is aided by a retired bounty hunter who must protect her from those who wish to use her abilities for evil."

Zombies Have Fallen is available now on DVD and Amazon Video.

New on DVD: Female Zombie Riot

New this week from Bayview Entertainment is Female Zombie Riot, written and directed by Warren Speed and Chris Greenwood, and starring Speed, Pete Bennett, and Dani Thompson.

"After rescuing victims from the lair of a psychopathic professor who created a flesh chomping zombie virus, Pervo the Clown experienced his 15 minutes of fame. But those 15 minutes are long gone and his star is fading. He's desperately trying to get back into the public eye and thinks his luck is turning after a chance encounter with a mystery millionaire. Invited to the hottest party in town at the millionaire’s extravagant mansion, the party rages on until Pervo sees signs that the zombie virus still exists. Pervo and a few friends are now forced to deal with an insane female zombie riot.... just like the good old days!"

Female Zombie Riot is available now on DVD.

New On DVD: Z Nation: Season 3

New this week from Universal Studios Home Entertainment is Z Nation: Season 3 from Syfy.

"With Operation Bite Mark in shambles and our heroes again on the hunt for Murphy, the fate of humanity rests not in the jaws of zombies, but in the rise of a new breed of hybrid 'blends.' Created and controlled by Murphy, the ever-growing army of blends is hell bent on spreading their message of "No Fear" across the land. With all new horrors like Wolf-Zombies, Electro-Shock Zombies, and the deadly Enders, Z-Nation: Season 3 has our heroes facing a new mission with even more blood-splattering fun."

Z Nation: Season 3 is available now on DVD and Amazon Video.

New On DVD: 3 Hours Till Dead

New this week from BayView Entertainment is 3 Hours Till Dead, directed Jason Mills, and starring Vladamir Zaric, Chris Walters, and Hans Potter. 

"An AWOL soldier with PTSD goes into hiding. Along with his brother and a few friends they retreat into a rural farm area unaware that the outside world has stopped functioning. On their way back to civilization, his brother is attacked and bitten by an infected farmer. The brother quickly turns into a rabid animal and lives for exactly three hours. Realizing that they are in grave danger, they head back to the forest trying to outlive the legions of the infected."

3 Hours Till Dead is available now on DVD.

New On DVD: Zombie eXs

Newly reissued this week from Bayview Entertainment is Zombie eXs, directed by George Smith, and starring Alex Hammel-Shaver, Madison Hart, and Scott Keebler.

"What if your ex-girlfriends all wanted you back...and came back as zombies? That’s the terrifying premise of Zombie eXs, the newest and most hilarious horror-comedy to satire “loving you to death!” Zach’s about to break up with the girl of his dreams...again. To teach him a lesson, his buddy Dan rigs a dating show so that the contestants are all Zach’s ex-girlfriends. If that’s not bad enough, the show is sponsored by HAPPIwater, the newest fad in H20 drinks, and it’s having a really odd effect on everyone who drinks it. Luckily, Zach’s best friend Lilly might have a lead on a cure, and together with Dan they launch a plan to steal the antidote and save the world. That is, if they can just stay one step ahead of Zach’s ravenous ZOMBIE EXS!"

Bonus features include: Actor Commentary; Director and Producer Commentary; Mohawk Rob Femme FX; Cast Confessions; Zombie eXs Trailer; Behind-the-Scenes Slideshow; Bloody Earth Films Trailers. 

Zombie eXs is available now on DVD and Amazon Video.

New On DVD: Zombie Armageddon: I Heard the Darkness

New this week from Alpha Video is Zombie Armageddon: I Heard the Darkness, directed by Tye Wilson, and starring Allen Thatcher, Lee Ellis, and Brad Davis.

"A mysterious epidemic has turned half of the country's population into zombies. Scientists work around the clock to find a cure. The Eastern seaboard is sealed off to prevent further spread of this gruesome contagion. A few brave soldiers caught in the contaminated zone struggle to keep hordes of the undead from feasting upon the flesh on the living. Sergeant Daniels, separated from his unit, comes into possession of a vaccine that can fight the disease. Desperate to get it to civilization, he finds himself under fire from his own men. Daniels is about to learn the shocking truth behind the plague that has turned the land of the free into a kingdom of rotting corpses…"

Zombie Armageddon: I Heard the Darkness is available now on DVD.

New On DVD: Walking Dead in the West

New this week from Wild Eye Releasing is Walking Dead in the West, directed by Paul Winters, and starring Jarod Anderson, Greg Bronson, Kiera Crouch, and Matt Derdivanis.

"A New Frontier of Fear. The Arizona Territory, the 1870's. Marshal Frank Wilcox, along with a Buffalo Soldier from the U.S. Army, must galvanize a group of survivors to fight back when the living dead rise and seek the flesh of the living. It's a world gone mad and a battle against the unthinkable. Joined by an Apache Chief and an outlaw prisoner, the group must learn how to survive in a time where the dead walk."

Walking Dead in the West is available now on DVD and Amazon Video.

New On DVD: The Zombie King

New this week from Shami Media Group is The Zombie King, directed by Aidan Belizaire, and starring Edward Furlong and Corey Feldman.

"Samuel Peters once an ordinary man, dabbles within the laws of voodoo to bring his wife back from the grave, he soon encounters the God of malevolence 'Kalfu', where he makes a pact with him to destroy the underworld and bring chaos to earth; in return he will become 'The Zombie King' and walk the earth for eternity with his departed wife. Seven days before the rise of the Dark Moon, Samuel Peters (The Zombie King) calls upon Kalfu to raise seven of the recently departed, where their souls must be held on earth for seven days. With the ever growing horde of zombies, they begin to completely wipe out a countryside town. Once the Government get wind of what is going on, they set a perimeter around the town area and employ a shoot on sight policy. Trapped within the town, the locals and unlikely bunch of misfits fight for their lives, and the remaining humans soon realise that they have to unite in order to survive. Seeking sanctuary in a local church, they discover a bizarre disturbed priest where he gives them the knowledge of 'The Zombie King'. Can our hero's unravel the clues in time and survive or will The Zombie King and his horde of zombies rise on the night of the dark moon?"

The Zombie King is available now on DVD.

New On DVD: Clash of the Dead

New this week from Uncork'd Entertainment is Clash of the Dead aka World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen, written and directed by Freddie Hutton-Mills and Bart Ruspoli, and starring Kacey Clarke and Ray Panthaki.

"100 years after World War I, at the sight of a fierce and bloody battle where thousands of men were killed, a team of investigators have traveled to France to attempt to unravel the rumors of unexplained mysteries from the blood-stained battlefield. What they find is the battle isn't over and the unthinkable happens when the undead are uncovered from their final resting place."

Clash of the Dead is available now on DVD and Amazon Video.

New On DVD: Me and My Mates Vs. the Zombie Apocalypse

New this week from Lightyear Video is Me and My Mates Vs. the Zombie Apocalypse, written and directed by Declan Shrubb, and starring Jim Jefferies, Greg Fleet, and Alex Williamson.

"Three Australian telecom tradesman find themselves trapped in a telephone exchange during the onset of a zombie apocalypse."

Me and My Mates Vs. the Zombie Apocalypse is available now on DVD and Amazon Video.

New On DVD: Zoombies

New this week from The Asylum is Zoombies, directed by Glenn Miller and stars Isaac Anderson, Marcus Anderson, Andrew Asper, Ione Butler, Brianna Joy Chomer, Kaiwi Lyman, and Kim Nielsen.

"When a strange virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo animals undead, those left in the park must stop the creatures before they escape and zombify the whole city."

Special features include a featurette, gag reel, and trailer.

Zoombies is available now on DVD.

New On DVD: Lust of the Dead 4

New this week from Tokyo Shock is Lust of the Dead 4, directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu, and starring Yui Aikawa, Asami, and Megu Fujiura.

"In a chaotic post-apocalyptic world, men are turning into sex-crazed zombies when exposed to a mysterious virus. The only hope for the future is for a group
of survivors to travel to the past and prevent the initial outbreak. But can they discover the source of the virus and destroy it in time?"

Lust of the Dead 4 is available now on DVD.

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