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Get a Free Copy of SCREAM Magazine

SCREAM is giving away a free digital copy of their magazine to everyone who asks them for a copy on their Facebook page

This offer is only good for 72 hours from when they first announced it... and most of that time is up already, so act fast and get your request in. Like their Facebook page, message them a request for the free issue with your email address, and then enjoy reading it.

Here are a few screen grabs from the free issue:

The Lionsgate Horror Society Is Now Open

The Lionsgate Horror Society is accepting new members. Do you dare to join? 

Sure you do.

Sign up now to access member exclusive content, save 15% on horror movie merchandise, and earn points to win prizes every month.

And one "Horror Visionary" who is quick enough to sign up during the first month will win the Grand Prize featuring a Lionsgate Horror DVD/BD Super-Pack (6 titles), The Quiet Ones swag pack, a GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition, and a Professional Special Effects Makeup Starter Kit!

New On DVD: Angry Nazi Zombies

New this week from Revolver Entertainment is Angry Nazi Zombies, directed by James Eaves, Pat Higgins, and Alan Ronald and starring Tina Barnes, Paul Kelleher, and Cy Henty.

"3 interlocking stories from the dark days of World War 2. A soldier on a suicide mission. A troubled family with a monster in their bomb shelter. A supernatural investigator on her most dangerous assignment yet.

A unique, sexy and terrifying anthology movie brought to you by three of the most fiercely original independent directors working in horror today.

Jim Eaves ( 'Bane'), Pat Higgins ('KillerKiller') and Alan Ronald ('Jesus vs the Messiah') bring you three dark tales from the battlegrounds of World War 2.

Medal of Horror: Director Jim Eaves takes you on a suicide mission, with a young British soldier doing all he can to defeat the Nazi menace and their First World War zombified soldiers.

Devils of the Blitz: A family, sheltering from Nazi bombers, is terrorized by flesh eating devils. Director Pat Higgins brings you a dark tale of suspense, edged with pitch-black comedy.

Harriet's War: Director Alan Ronald brings you a spooky slice of paranormal pulp in this nerve-jangling ghost story, all against the backdrop of World War 2."

Angry Nazi Zombies ia available now on DVD.

New On DVD: Code Red

New this week from eOne Entertainment is Code Red, directed by Valeri Milev and starring Paul Logan, Forbes KB, Velizar Beniv and Manal El-Feitury.

"In World War II, Stalin created a top secret nerve gas, which went missing shortly after the Battle of Stalingrad. Over seventy years later, the horrific biochemical weapon resurfaces in modern day Bulgaria, turning the local inhabitants into frenzied mutants and causing the dead to rise from the grave. Amidst the chaos, US Special Forces Captain John McGahey (Paul Logan) and NATO Doctor Ana Bennett (Manal El-Feitury) must escape the infected zone before the Code Red alert is raised and everything is destroyed. Now it s survival at all costs..."

Code Red is available now on DVD.

New In Comics: Extinction Parade #3

New this week from Avatar Press is Extinction Parade #3, Max Brooks vampires vs. zombies 12 issue limited run comic book series. 

"The all-out war of the species roars on as MAX BROOKS – author of the New York Times Best Selling novels, World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, unleashes his zombies vs. vampires epic.  Vampires have ignored the growing zombie threat for too long, feeling the zombie subdead were beneath them.  Only too late do they realize that the plague has shifted the tide from annoyance to the outright annihilation of the human race.  But the history of vampires has them ill-prepared to mount an offensive.   Available with Regular, Wraparound, End of a Species and Bloodwashed Retailer Incentive covers by Raulo Caceres. Also, available with a special black Leather cover, limited to just 1000 copies!"

Extinction Parade #3 was written by Max Brooks and illustrated by Raulo Caceres. 


New In Comics: Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath #11

New this week from Avatar Press is Night Of The Living Dead: Aftermath #11

"Horror writer DAVID HINE brings the original zombie phenomena to new terror wrought heights in Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath!  The Las Vegas survivors thought they were saved, delivered unto a military compound where the human race could fight back against the rising tide of undead.  But inside the concrete walls a more heinous evil lives and breathes under the auspice of “research.”  How can you survive a dead world when the living are just as much a threat as the virus ridden zombies?  If you want more undead horror in your zombie comics, pick up Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath and let the chomping begin!  Available with Regular cover painted by Matt Busch, Gore & Wraparound cover by German Erramousepe, and Terror Retailer Incentive cover also by Busch."


New On Blu: Dead Before Dawn

New this week from Vivendi Entertainment is DEAD BEFORE DAWN, directed by April Mullen and starring Devon Bostick, Christopher Lloyd, Martha MacIsaac, Brandon Jay McLaren, Brittany Allen and Kevin McDonald

DEAD BEFORE DAWN is available on Blu-ray , DVD, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.

Kindle Deal: Z 2134 Is $1.99 Today

On sale today as the Kindle Daily Deal is Z 2134, the zombie serial by Sean Platt and David Wright. 

"z 2134 is a thrilling new zombie serial in the spirit of 1984, The Walking Dead, and The Hunger Games, from the writers of the post-apocalyptic smash hit serial, Yesterday’s Gone.

It is the year 2134 in a dystopian America, following a series of zombie plagues which infected and decimated much of the world’s population starting 100 years ago.

Those left, formed six walled Cities throughout the continent, all under the rule of a totalitarian government which enforces strict control over its populace.

You must obey your government.

You must be a good citizen.

You must be a productive citizen.

You must not break the law.

Or The City Watch will find you and arrest you.

Jonah Lovecraft, a former Watcher, was arrested for the murder of his wife. And like most criminals, he has one chance at freedom — to participate in The Darwin Games, a televised survival show which pits two players from each city against one another in The Barrens, the uninhabited areas outside the City Walls.

He’ll also have to face another enemy — the zombies which still roam The Barrens.

As he fights for his freedom against impossible odds, his daughter, Anastasia, stumbles into people who have information about her father — information which will change her life forever.

But it will also put her in the crosshairs of her father’s enemies."

Z 2134 for the Kindle is available for $1.99 today only.

New On DVD: Sinister Visions

New this week from Chemical Burn Entertainment is the horror anthology Sinister Visions

The collection includes: the following short films:

SUCCUBUS - We find a beautiful young blonde, Emma, studying to become an archeologist. On an excavation trip to Syria she finds something in the sand that is about to change her life completely. She hurries home hoping to be able to escape it, but she might be too late to change her fate.

MY UNDEAD GIRLFRIEND - A twisted tale with a lot of morbid, dark humor, telling the story of the day Keith woke up next to his girlfriend who had spontaneously turned into the flesh eating undead and tonight he is about to meet her parents for the first time!

MOTHER KNOWS BEST - Carl is a somewhat shy man preparing for a date with his childhood sweetheart, Rebecca. Carl's mother has quite a few objections to the date and she is none too shy to express them in her own special way.

A WOMAN SCORNED - Gail gets tied to a bed by Holly. Gail had the nerve to start a relationship with Richard, who unfortunately is Holly's former husband and Holly does not approve at all!

GENITAL GENOCIDE - Meet Serial killer Charles Albert Harris, who on death row waiting for the switch to be turned on, takes us through his crimes while the audience of friends and relatives of his victims listen in shock.

Sinister Visions is available now on DVD

New On DVD: 13 Eerie

New this week from Entertainment One is 13 Eerie, directed by Lowell Dean and starring Katherine Isabelle, Michael Shanks, Brendan Fehr, Brendan Fletcher, Jesse Moss and Nick Moran

"Six forensic undergrads, vying for a trainee position with the FBI, embark on a scientific expedition to a remote island that was once used for illegal biological testing grounds for life-term prisoners. Now, the mutilated cadavers of these convicts have come back to life and are savagely hunting them down one by one."

13 Eerie is available now on DVD.

New In Comics: '68: Jungle Jim #1

New this week from Image Comics - '68: Jungle Jim #1 - featuring a story by Mark Kidwell and art by Jeff Zornow and Jay Fotos.

"Vietnam, 1968: Behind enemy lines, Private Brian Curliss is alone. The enemy caged him, the dead want to devour him and the voices in his head are driving him to madness. A madness that emerges in the form of an unstoppable killing machine wrapped in burlap and bamboo... 

Curliss is a one-man-army, sworn to wade through a wet red jungle gone straight to hell in search of a ghost named Jungle Jim. To the Viet Cong, he's a nightmare. To POWs trapped in enemy hands, he's salvation. To the legions of shambling, hungry dead...He's the Grim Reaper in a gas mask.

MeatGrinder Studios and Image Comics return to the grim world of '68 with an all-new, four-issue series continuing the story of Jungle Jim. The brutal sequel to the original one-shot, Jungle Jim #1 fleshes out the new dark star of the Vietnam/Zombie apocalypse. Scripted by Mark Kidwell with savage artwork by Jeff Zornow and Jay Fotos. Covers by Jeff Zornow, Nat Jones and Jay Fotos."


New On DVD: Zombie Genocide - Legion Of The Damned

New this week from World Wide Multi Media is Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned.

"Chaos is rampant as a biochemical terrorist attack rages in several heavily populated cities in the US. The world will never be the same as the virus spreads quickly across the continent turning thousands of people into a horrific flesh-eating army of the dead. A group of strangers band together to defend their loved ones from being consumed by the rampaging, frenzied zombie apocalypse. A man stuck in a traffic jam narrowly escapes to warn others of what's heading their way; best friends fight to return home and save their families; a mother and son in hiding desperately seek to escape the horrors of what awaits outside; while a father tries to reunite with his wife and child. As each human stands to fight and survive, the army of the dead continues to multiply. Not for the squeamish, Zombie Genocide: Legion Of The Damned is full of zombie gore galore."

Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned is available on DVD now.

New On DVD: Zombie Warz: Falls The Shadow

New this week from Hannover House is Zombie Warz: Falls The Shadow, directed by Steven Berryessa and starring Bethany Berryessa and Ron Berryessa.

The original Kickstarter for the film described it as such: "Falls the Shadow is a post-apocalyptic thriller; a tale of hope in the darkness set in the destroyed Southern United States."

Zombie Warz: Falls The Shadow is available now on DVD.

New On Blu: The Video Dead

New this week from Shout Factory, on a double bill with TerrorVision, is The Video Dead, directed by Robert Scott and starring Michael St. Michaels, Roxanna Augesen, Rocky Duvall and Sam David McClelland.

"On a quiet, tree-lined street, evil has arrived in a most ordinary way, an old television set. It receives a single channel, one that not only shows the same film over and over – a horror film where zombies rise from the grave to kill – but also frees the gnarled, evil monsters….and once out, they’re not going back! They like the real world. They’ve already killed five people and want more blood…and a new family is moving into the neighborhood!"

Extras include:


  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer/Director Robert Scott, Editor Bob Sarles, and Special Make-up Effects Creator Dale Hall, Jr.
  • Audio Commentary with stars Roxanna Augesen and Rocky Duvall, Production Manager Jacques Thelemaque, and Make-up Assistant Patrick Denver
  • Pre-recorDEAD - All new interviews with Make-up effects creator Dale Hall, Jr. and Make-up Assistant Patrick Denver
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster and Still Gallery
  • Behind-the-Scenes Still Gallery

    TerrorVision / The Video Dead is available now on a Blu-ray/DVD combo set.

    New On Blu: Cockneys Vs Zombies (Import)

    New this week on Amazon as an import from STUDIOCANAL is Cockneys Vs Zombies, directed by Matthias Hoene and starring Harry Treadaway Rasmus Hardiker, Georgia King and Michelle Ryan.

    "Cockney Brothers Terry and Andy Macguire are desperate to save their grandad's care home. Their only chance of getting the money they need is to rob a local bank.  Meanwhile, on a docklands building site, a plague of zombies are accidentally inleashed from a 350-year old cursed tomb.  Before you know it, good old London Town is under attack from a deadly legion on flesh-eating nutters. But can Terry and Andy get some shooters, grab the loot and save their grandad from the night of the living brown bread before it all goes pear shaped? A murderous, gor-drenched, blood-splattered comedy featuring two generations of Britain's favorite talent starring Michelle Ryan (The Bionic Woman), Harry Treadaway (Fish Tank), Honor Blackman (Goldfinger), Richard Briers (The Good Life) and cockney legend Alan Ford (Snatch)."

    Cockneys Vs Zombies is available now as a Region B/2 Blu-ray import (take note that you'll need a multi-region player of you're not in Region 2).

    Universal Horror Classics On Sale!

    No zombies, unless you counted the re-animated corpse of Frankenstein or the walking dead of The Mummy, but this new deal is simply too good for any horror aficionado to pass up - the Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection on Blu-ray is currently on sale for just $79.99 at Amazon. This is a 50% savings off the full list price and still represents a significant savings - $50 off - of their usual discount price.

    This set features digitally versions of eight horror classic from Universal Studios - Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Phantom of the Opera and Creature From the Black Lagoon.

    "From the era of silent movies through present day, Universal Pictures has been regarded as the home of the monsters. Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection showcases 8 of the most iconic monsters in motion picture history including Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Phantom of the Opera and Creature From the Black Lagoon. Starring Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Jr., Claude Rains and Elsa Lanchester in the roles that they made famous, these original films set the standard for a new horror genre with revolutionary makeup, mood-altering cinematography and groundbreaking special effects. Featuring over 12 hours of revealing bonus features plus an exclusive collectible book, each film has been digitally restored from high resolution film elements for the ultimate classic monster experience."

    Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection on Blu-ray is on sale this week only so we strongly recommend that, if you were planning on getting this set eventually, do it now at this price while you can.

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