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New on DVD: Zombie Nightmare (1986)

Photobucket "Zombie Nightmare is a heavy metal trip of zombie horror vengeance!"

Well, it's certainly a trip of some kind.  Finally making a legit appearance on DVD, Scorpion Releasing's disc of Zombie Nightmare brings us not only the feature film debut of Tia Carerre but also another B-movie appearance by Batman icon Adam West.  Shot in Canada and directed by shlock sexploitation producer Jack Bravman, Zombie Nightmare stars Jon Mikl Thor, a former Mr. Canada as well as the front man for the heavy metal band Thor.

"Tony Washington (Thor) foils a robbery at a local grocery store only to be run over and killed by a group of savage suburban teens. But the horror has only just begun, for in the darkest recessed of Tony's backyard, a voodoo ceremony takes place which resurrects Tony into a superhuman zombie avenger. One by one, Tony's ruthless killers are graphically and brutally murdered as the undead Tony takes his gory revenge! The stage is set for a bone-chilling climax as the authorities (Adam West and Frank Dietz) finally come face to face with the dead rising from the grave."

We haven't seen it yet so we can't vouch for just how bad this film really is but the credits do not paint a pretty picture.  For now, proceed at your own risk.

Coincidentally, the film was written by David Wellington, a Canadian writer-director who just happens to share the name with the American author of the zombie novels Monster Island, Monster Nation and Monster Planet.

Perhaps most notable for the production is its heavy metal soundtrack which features Motörhead, Girlschool, Virgin Steele, Thor and Pantera.

Zombie Nightmare's previous DVD appearance was just last year as part of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD collection from Shout Factory.

Zombie Nightmare is available now on DVD.

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