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Madison Avenue Is Mad About Zombies

As of late, advertising agencies and their clients seem to be infected with the zombie virus with a bunch of fun living dead themed advertisements debuting this year.

Starburst, the candy that touts itself as the "juicy contradiction", got in the game a few months ago by taking on the oxymoron of the 'living dead':

It's probably no surprise that Microsoft's new Windows 7 update couldn't avoid catching a zombie virus infection this year either:

Toyota ended up in a head collision with controversy when this Corolla ad hit print just as the alleged death toll from gas pedal problems accelerated into a massive recall:


Snickers treated their Spanish-speaking customers to a messy look at an undead coffee break.

Ford got an early lead in the undead ad trend back in May of this year when they highlighted the benefits of keyless entry when fleeing a zombie horde:

And just this week, Sears wowed everyone with a very well conceived and quite thorough zombie-themed site re-design.

The products may differ but the message is clear - Shop, Spend, Consume - So we'll being seeing you at the mall!

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