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New On Blu: Cockneys Vs Zombies (Import)

New this week on Amazon as an import from STUDIOCANAL is Cockneys Vs Zombies, directed by Matthias Hoene and starring Harry Treadaway Rasmus Hardiker, Georgia King and Michelle Ryan.

"Cockney Brothers Terry and Andy Macguire are desperate to save their grandad's care home. Their only chance of getting the money they need is to rob a local bank.  Meanwhile, on a docklands building site, a plague of zombies are accidentally inleashed from a 350-year old cursed tomb.  Before you know it, good old London Town is under attack from a deadly legion on flesh-eating nutters. But can Terry and Andy get some shooters, grab the loot and save their grandad from the night of the living brown bread before it all goes pear shaped? A murderous, gor-drenched, blood-splattered comedy featuring two generations of Britain's favorite talent starring Michelle Ryan (The Bionic Woman), Harry Treadaway (Fish Tank), Honor Blackman (Goldfinger), Richard Briers (The Good Life) and cockney legend Alan Ford (Snatch)."

Cockneys Vs Zombies is available now as a Region B/2 Blu-ray import (take note that you'll need a multi-region player of you're not in Region 2).

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