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New On DVD: Zombie Genocide - Legion Of The Damned

New this week from World Wide Multi Media is Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned.

"Chaos is rampant as a biochemical terrorist attack rages in several heavily populated cities in the US. The world will never be the same as the virus spreads quickly across the continent turning thousands of people into a horrific flesh-eating army of the dead. A group of strangers band together to defend their loved ones from being consumed by the rampaging, frenzied zombie apocalypse. A man stuck in a traffic jam narrowly escapes to warn others of what's heading their way; best friends fight to return home and save their families; a mother and son in hiding desperately seek to escape the horrors of what awaits outside; while a father tries to reunite with his wife and child. As each human stands to fight and survive, the army of the dead continues to multiply. Not for the squeamish, Zombie Genocide: Legion Of The Damned is full of zombie gore galore."

Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned is available on DVD now.

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