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New On DVD: Zombie 108

New this week from Tokyo Shock is Zombie 108, directed by Joe Chien and starring Yvonne Yao, Rong Morris.

"Downtown Taipei, a sin-drenched red-light district, known as District 108, is a simmering cesspool of drugs and violence but the true horror is yet to come! A nuclear disaster spawns an insidious virus that spreads and quickly reaches epidemic proportions. The government orders an evacuation but the underworld gangs remain behind to confront the SWAT teams. When the virus mutates the gangland thugs into flesh-eating zombies that feast upon the panicked population, a single mom named Linda tries to escape with her daughter but faces an equally horrifying fate- she is abducted by a sex pervert! Will she survive the double threat onslaught of zombies and psychopath and break her chains to save her child?"

Zombie 108 is available now on DVD.

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