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Kickstarter: The Map Of Zombies

Want to see "a vintage medical illustration-style poster identifying over 350 different zombie types from movies, books, games & more" come into reality?

Then you've got four days to jump on board Jason B. Thompson's Kickstart campaign to fund the The Map of Zombies.

"The Map of Zombies will be a 24"x36" poster (the same size as my H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands poster map) that takes you on a tour of every imaginable type of zombie in a visual format. Drawn in the style of a vintage medical chart, it identifies over 350 different types of zombies from horror movies, books, video games, comics, manga and TV shows."

The project has already blown past its $1,000 goal and currently has $5,825 in pledges waiting to be funded. There is a $1 minimum pledge to back this project.

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