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New On DVD: Zombie Armageddon: I Heard the Darkness

New this week from Alpha Video is Zombie Armageddon: I Heard the Darkness, directed by Tye Wilson, and starring Allen Thatcher, Lee Ellis, and Brad Davis.

"A mysterious epidemic has turned half of the country's population into zombies. Scientists work around the clock to find a cure. The Eastern seaboard is sealed off to prevent further spread of this gruesome contagion. A few brave soldiers caught in the contaminated zone struggle to keep hordes of the undead from feasting upon the flesh on the living. Sergeant Daniels, separated from his unit, comes into possession of a vaccine that can fight the disease. Desperate to get it to civilization, he finds himself under fire from his own men. Daniels is about to learn the shocking truth behind the plague that has turned the land of the free into a kingdom of rotting corpses…"

Zombie Armageddon: I Heard the Darkness is available now on DVD.

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